Zelensky Invites China To Discuss Peace After 'No Breakthrough' In Xi-Putin Meeting

The speaker is suggesting that China and the speaker's country can work together on an issue.

While Ukraine seems open to engaging China in mediation efforts to end war, China's Xi Jinping is currently in Moscow discussing Beijing’s 12-point peace plan. However, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky stated Tuesday that his government had reached out to Beijing. "We offered China the opportunity to be a partner in the implementation and maintenance of the peace formula. A press conference was held on Tuesday. This is a surprise response from Zelensky last month to Xi's offer of China's 12-point Peace Plan. It was an attempt to restart negotiations. "I believe that China has started to talk about Ukraine. The question is, "What follows the words?" Zelensky stated at the time. We can do it together with China, I believe. "It is evident that Beijing views the conflict in Ukraine as continuing, that the West does not have a plan to end it and that China expects that its role of mediator will only increase."

Xi Jinping says that change is on the horizon. It hasn't been 100 years since then. Xi Jinping, please take care, my dear friend.

Putin: Enjoy a safe trip!

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