Viewpoint: Jefferson County Development Authority helping boost area, state

The Jefferson County Development Authority has unveiled the results of a recent economic study that showcases its accomplishments within the county.

Viewpoint: Jefferson County Development Authority helping boost area, state

Alabama is breaking records in economic development, but when it releases its statistics, the growth in Huntsville and coastal Baldwin County often gets the most attention.

Jefferson County, however, is also strong. The Jefferson County Development Authority released the results of an economic study recently to show what they are doing within the county.

According to a study by the Alabama SBDC Network, the University of Alabama Research and Economic Development Department has found that JCEIDA employs 4,878 people in its industrial parks in Jeffmet - McCalla and Jeffmet - Lakeshore. Since inception, JCEIDA has received a total of $4.5 billion in outside capital investments.

Jefferson County's direct impact is $14.5 million, while the state of Alabama impacts are $23 million.

Direct impact of every dollar spent by JCEIDA is:

  • Every $1 you spend, you can expect to see a return of $4,652 on your investment.

The county will receive $13.22 for every $1 spent.

Direct impact of $1 on the state is $20.98

The economic impact of JCEIDA parks on both the county as well as the state is significant.

The total impact on the community, taking into account all factors, is over $50 billion in a 10 year period.

Othell Phillips, JCEIDA executive director, said that the agency's success was a result of a collaborative effort between the JCEIDA staff, board, and state and local partners, as well as the long-term vision shared by our county commissioners. Our goal is to promote Jefferson County, as the premier location for industry and manufacturing, and attract investment. We also want to retain and grow current companies, develop and train talent, and advocate for a competitive climate.

JCEIDA offers resources and serves as a one stop shop for businesses. The JCEIDA offers a variety of services to help businesses grow, including a listing of commercial properties, environmental site assessments, and utilities.

The fact that Jefferson County, Missouri is a gateway for transportation, has competitive incentives and pay, and a local workforce is ready and willing to work, is an added bonus.

Jefferson County is a major contributor to the overall economy of our state. The better resources and business growth are available for this expansion, the more prosperous the state will become. This, in turn promotes quality-of-life.