Video of Swedish department store falsely shared as Malaysia's 'Pakatan Harapan flag raised in China'

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Video shows the flag of Malaysia's Pakatan Harapan coalition raised in China? ❌ The video actually shows the flag of a Swedish department store in Stockholm. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Video of Swedish department store falsely shared as Malaysia's 'Pakatan Harapan flag raised in China'

CNNMorgues and crematoriums in China are overflowed as Covid rages through the country despite no reporting on new Covid deaths.

CNN's Selina Wang is in Beijing with the story. selinawangtv 😒😒😒 selinawangtv πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ» selinawangtv China is notorious for executing people for the slightest offense especially against the government. That could be a cause for frequent body bag use.Old video misrepresented as 'India-China border skirmish in 2022'Footage has circulated in social media posts that misleadingly claim it shows fighting between soldiers on the India-China border in December 2022.

The video has in fact circulated online since at least May 2020 in Indian media reports about soldiers clashing along the disputed border in Ladakh. The Indian army rejected claims at the time that the clip shows a skirmish involving its troops on the border.Malaysia slams EU deforestation-free law for blocking palm oil market accessMalaysia, the world's second largest palm oil producer, on Friday accused the European Union (EU) of blocking market access of the edible oil with a new law that prevents the sale of commodities linked to deforestation in the 27-country bloc. Both sides ignoring the underlying problem, human overpopulation.

Nothing is sustainable with 8 billion people (and rising).India ready to export fever drugs to China amid COVID surge - export bodyIndia, one of the world's biggest drug makers, is ready to step up exports of fever medicines to China as it reels from a spike in COVID-19 cases, the chairperson of an Indian drug export body said on Thursday. A country with +4mil deaths from COVID must be an expert in making COVID vaccine as it has many dead subjects to attest for it.BioNTech ships COVID shots to China for use by GermansBioNTech said on Thursday it had sent 11,500 doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to China for use on German expatriates, marking the first overseas-made shots allowed into the country. Why not americansThe 44-second video, which shows a row of red flags fluttering atop a building, was posted on Facebook on November 18, 2022, where it has been viewed more than 700 times "The PH flags are already flying magnificently in China," read the post's Malaysian-language caption .1.Warning: graphic footage The graphic video shows a group of men in military uniform shouting in Hindi, one of India's official languages, as they hurl objects at a military truck in a mountainous area next to an expanse of water.The EU earlier this month that requires companies to produce a due diligence statement showing their supply chains are not contributing to the destruction of forests, or risk hefty fines."You can guess what is implied.

This is even before they win. Did you encounter any technical issues? Video player was slow to load content Video content never loaded Ad froze or did not finish loading Video content did not start after ad Audio on ad was too loud Other issues Ad prevented/slowed the page from loading Content moved around while ad loaded Ad was repetitive to ads I've seen previously Other issues." In the clip, a man can be heard speaking in Cantonese, saying:"Long live Harapan" and"we will surely win on November 19. A soldier can be heard saying"Relax, relax" to an injured soldier who is lying on the ground, covered by a shield." Screenshot of the misleading post, taken on December 22, 2022 "PH" refers to .