The uk has completed its very first big post-brexit trade deal after signing an agreement with japan that take effect from january 1.

Liz truss, the uks international trade assistant, finalized the arrangement with toshimitsu motegi, the japanese foreign minister, in tokyo on friday.

The pact, negotiated within a couple of months on the summer, is seen because of the uk government as a significant demonstration of its ability to reach brand-new trade deals beyond your eu.

It was once stated that an unbiased uk would not be able to hit major trade discounts or they'd take many years to conclude, said ms truss at a joint hit announcement with mr motegi. but these days we prove the naysayers wrong using this groundbreaking, british-shaped deal that was agreed in record time.

The latest offer mostly replicates the existing eu-japan deal, but has an additional part on electronic trade and lacks the quotas for farming exports particularly mozzarella cheese that brussels wrested from tokyo during many years of speaks.

Instead, the deal enables the uk to make use of any farming quotas left over by the eu. uk officials tend to be confident there will be enough space in quotas to maintain and increase the uks meals exports to japan.

We have maintained japans higher level of use of united kingdom areas...and for a few items, eg train carriages and auto components, we realised improved accessibility, said mr motegi.

Great britain ended up being keen to hit an earlier price, whilst goes on negotiations with brussels on post-brexit trade. japan regards great britain as a strategic friend, generating the energy for a fast agreement.

Even though uk-japan deal will allow continuity in trade amongst the two nations, mr motegi stated a deal involving the uk and also the eu was however important for japanese business.

Even today, many japanese companies have actually broadened their business on united kingdom because the gateway to continental europe, mr motegi said. it is of paramount value that offer chain involving the united kingdom and eu is preserved even after the uks detachment.

Japanese carmakers including nissan and toyota make use of parts from across european countries in vehicles they build within the uk, some of which are shipped returning to the eu. mr motegi stated he previously large hopes for a deal between london and brussels.

Both sides consider the arrangement as a possible stepping-stone to british account associated with trans-pacific partnership, a regional pact which includes australian continent, new zealand, canada, malaysia as well as other countries round the pacific rim.

Negotiations for british membership of tpp allows for further trade liberalisation between london and tokyo, potentially going much deeper compared to the eu-japan price.

Japan welcomes the uks interest in acceding to your tpp11 and can continue steadily to provide the needed support, stated mr motegi.

The offer nevertheless should be ratified but passage through the japanese eating plan is anticipated to-be uncontentious.

Using our newfound independence as a confident, outward-looking trading country, the united kingdom is once more adopting the golden opportunities forward, said ms truss.