The 22 best waterproof sandals, according to people who love the outdoors

The most outdoorsy people recommend Birkenstock, Teva, and Merrell for waterproof and water-resistant sandals.

The 22 best waterproof sandals, according to people who love the outdoors

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No matter if you live in tropical areas all year or are lucky enough to have your sandals on for a few months, it can be difficult to find waterproof shoes that will keep your feet dry and comfortable while you enjoy your water adventures. We asked some of the most outdoor-minded people we know to share their top picks for waterproof sandals that are also water-resistant so that we can enjoy beach season confidently. Here are the top brands that our pros recommend, from Birkenstock to Teva to Merrell to Prada.

This versatile waterproof slide is the result of a cross between streetwear and beachwear. Kevin Cortez (a commerce editor and hiker) says that although they seem to sell out frequently, Merrell's Hydro Slipper is my favorite waterproof sandal. They have the streetwear style I love from the Hydro Moc but are easier to access due to their lack of backing. These are super lightweight and comfortable, with extra thick EVA foam that is both supportive and squishy. They are great for lounging, fishing or beach days.

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Kristine Thomason, a Long Beach-based personal trainer and health journalist, says that although she loves Teva sandals, the Hurricane Drift is waterproof. These sandals, which are ultra-lightweight, were made for water sports. They can float and keep you safe while you're in the water. These shoes, made from recycled materials, are extremely comfortable and supportive for the feet. These shoes are great for hiking, kayaking, and going to the beach. These are also ideal for traveling, especially to tropical locations.

OluKai is the only brand that offers flip flops that are approved by lifeguards. They won't slip when you run around or save lives. Charlie Ou Yang, a senior contractor in lifeguarding, says that they have excellent traction and that their name means "hurry, be swift and quick". They are specifically designed for lifeguards.

"I have had the same pair Chacos for nine year," Sophie Shaw, Underscored associate beauty editor. They've been with me on many adventures, including city walks, beach walks, and even city walks. They are sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean. They are my favorite sandal for summer activities. Although the straps may take some time to adjust to the perfect fit, once they do, your feet' support will be there for you on any terrain.


Teva Men's HurricaneXLT2 Sandals

Teva sandals are synonymous with weathering wet conditions. Thankfully, these sturdy hook-and-loop sandals make it easy to do so in style. Todd Plummer, an avid traveler, writer, and outdoor enthusiast, says that Teva sandals are the best for outdoor performance. The key is to choose a sole with a soft, comfortable footbed and a durable rubber outsole that allows you to walk confidently in all conditions.

Don't be discouraged by heavy Birkenstocks, which can take years to get used to and then become soaked at the sight of rain. Their waterproof counterparts are needed this summer. They are lightweight, comfortable, great for going on the beach or in the water, and easy to clean, says Haley Grumet (flight attendant and frequent traveler).

Teva Women's HurricaneXLT2 Sandals

Mia Maguire is a commerce editor and beach lover. "Wearing sandals while swimming or snorkeling, is essential to avoid cuts and injuries in many San Diego and Los Angeles places," she says. I also enjoy hiking on different terrains so it is important to find a pair of sandals that are durable and can withstand slippery conditions. The brand's Hurricane sandals have been my favorite pair of sandals for more than a year. I also wear them almost every day in the spring and summer. They are my second home and I enjoy wearing them when I visit Austin.

Maguire says, "Although I bought them because I liked the style, when I realized that they were practical, my buyer's remorse vanished." The Merrell Bravada Cord Wrap Sandals can withstand a lot of water and are great for beach or pool days. Slip-ons and slides don't work for me because of my foot sweating. These sandals are securely fastened and keep me steady. The moisture-absorbing footbed also keeps me cool and comfortable while I hike in the heat.

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A dainty, summery sandal is a great choice. It's also far more durable than its looks. "Birks" are back (as if ever they were! This is one of the most sought-after waterproof options by the brand,' Amanda Oliver, commerce editor and avid outdoorwoman, says. They're stylish and practical, and equally appropriate for a Sunday brunch.

Starting at $35

Vanessa Powell, a Santa Monica fashion stylist and outdoor enthusiast, says that Teva sandals are essential for summer. These Tevas are my favorite footwear, whether I'm on a bike to the beach, hiking, or styling photos all day, they're my go-to footwear. The Zymics are more supportive. They feel like a sandal/sneaker combination that energizes and supports my feet. They come in many cute colors, making functional footwear feel fresh and cool.