Spoon and Stable chef's platform to reach more restaurants with boost from Gavin Kaysen

The James Beard Award-winning chef was Opsi's first advisor and investor, and now, he's also an official partner, who will continue to be a part of its growth.

Spoon and Stable chef's platform to reach more restaurants with boost from Gavin Kaysen

Gavin Kaysen, a former Spoon and Stable executive chef and former manager of the restaurant, is a fan of a workflow platform developed by an ex-Spoon and Stable chef.

James Passafaro met Kaysen about six years ago to discuss Opsi. This was a new app that would help culinary professionals improve their operations and consistency. It was still in its startup phase. Kaysen was so inspired by Passafaro's idea that he hired him as Spoon and Stable's chef de cuisine and supported Opsi software pilot in the North Loop Restaurant from early 2019 to fall 2022. Passafaro then began focusing full-time on Opsi.

Kaysen, Opsi’s first investor and adviser, is now an official partner who will be part of the company’s growth.

Passafaro said that Kaysen’s reputation and name is what initially attracted him to Spoon and Stable. The association will come in handy when Opsi looks for additional users.

Opsi is currently being used in 400 restaurants. This includes the new Butcher & the Boar from Jester Concepts, the Petite Leon of chef Jorge Guzman, and Kaysen’s Demi, Mara and Socca Cafe, as well as the other Kaysen establishments Demi, Mara and Bellecour, at Cooks of Crocus Hill.

Some restaurants still use archaic methods, such as paper tickets. In the last few years there has been a change in attitudes towards technology, especially in kitchens.

Passafaro says Opsi lets restaurants meet their employees where they are, and that as employees age, they become more tech-savvy.

Kaysen stated that "if you put all the information in the tablet or smartphone they already have, there is no excuse" for them not to have what they require. You're giving them everything they need to succeed.

Kaysen says that Opsi is a great tool for controlling inventory, which can reduce food costs. He said that if you don't pay attention to this, you will end up with a lower bottom line and lose money.

Opsi is being further developed and refined in order to enhance the experience of both staff and operators, and ensure that it can be applied to many different categories within the restaurant sector. The "deep development pipeline", which includes new features, will be implemented in the next few months.

Passafaro explained that many of the tools in this world are designed by people who've never worked in hospitality. We want Opsi to be firmly rooted in that space. "We are a company who works with owners, operators and chefs to build tools that will improve their daily lives."