Salesforce CEO Demands Return Of 'Law And Order' Across Crime-Ridden San Fran

"The DA's office must prosecute to the fullest level of the law."

Marc Benioff urged the progressive leaders at City Hall to reverse their decision on Sunday night. Salesforce is San Francisco's biggest employer and the anchor tenant of the city's highest skyscraper. After defunding policies led to a violent crime surge across the metro area, Benioff advocates "refunding" the police. Benioff's call, along with others, indicates a growing distance from previously "woke" policies. Benioff wrote on X Sunday night, "San Francisco should REFUND police, not continue to DEFUND police. San Francisco's SFPD and Sheriffs play a key role in keeping the city clean and safe. He added, "Compensate ALL employees of the city to recruit the best officers across the country." Reward them and acknowledge their efforts for hiring the best officers now. San Francisco Police Academy should be expanded to accommodate the hiring boom. All laws must be enforced. The police must have full funding. The DA must pursue all criminal charges to the highest level of law. Restore Safety to Retail Businesses and Residential Properties NOW. DISTRICT BY DISTRICT - Police officers must be empowered to protect their assigned districts, and they should also be rewarded & evaluated for their effectiveness. The metrics for measuring effectiveness must be transparent and clearly defined. Let's implement a Neighborhood Police model in San Francisco. San Francisco should REFUND its Police, not DEFUND it. San Francisco's SFPD and Sheriffs play a key role in keeping San Francisco clean and safe every day. SFPD officers must return to >2000 within 18 months, from 1400 as it was allowed to fall. And the police force...

Elon Musk's X headquarters, which is located in this crime-ridden metropolis, also responded to Benioff: "We should give law enforcement officers respect and honor they deserve." Respect and honor must be shown to law enforcement officers.

It is wrong to condemn the entire police force for the actions of a few officers who risked their life to keep us safe.

San Francisco could set a new record this year for the number of fatal overdoses. The intersection of Seventh Street and Market Street at the U.N. Plaza is now the epicenter of San Francisco's drug crisis, as well as a physical manifestation of the political struggles at City Hall. (1/12)

According to Brooke Jenkins, the District Attorney for San Francisco, the homeless man who advertised free fentanyl in front of a San Francisco school was charged with battery and creating an unwelcome public nuisance.

San Francisco has become so disgusting that we need a new police chief and mayor. This was the result of incompetent leadership.

To survive, the poor have formed crime rings.

Microsoft will vacate 50,000 sq ft of San Francisco office space as the tech-xodus continue amid a 'doomsday loop' of crime and drugs

I am an untrained citizen journalist that has documented the chaos in San Francisco since years. My X account literally is a database. A living testament of survival.

On her defunding of police initiatives. What were you doing 2 years ago? What a simple question.

It is encouraging to see the government do a complete 360deg from their previous support for Black Lives Matter reforms in criminal justice. It is not racist to punish violent repeat offenders. Sometimes officers must use force because many offenders are very violent.

The woken are awakening. How much did SalesForce give to BLM?

He made mistakes and now he's fixing them.


October 30, 2023