Russia has generated a book police for use in neighbouring belarus on demand of their embattled strongman leader, president vladimir putin said, warning which he would deploy it across the edge if protests in the united states turn violent.

The show of assistance for president alexander lukashenko included a reiterated warning from mr putin that western countries should keep from wanting to affect the situation in belarus. it is virtually three months since size protests against mr lukashenkos 26-year regime erupted after he was stated the winner of their sixth consecutive presidential election this month with 80 % for the vote.

Moscow features very long propped up mr lukashenko and treated its western neighbour as a customer state. nevertheless kremlin in the beginning supplied lukewarm help for the friend, amid widespread international condemnation of a brutal crackdown on the protests.

[mr lukashenko] requested us to form a dedicated book of police officers, and i did it, mr putin stated in a job interview with state-run tv aired on thursday.

But we additionally agreed that it'll not be utilized before situation gets uncontrollable, and until the extremist elements, concealing behind political slogans, cross certain boundaries like looting, establishing fire to automobiles...seizing administrative structures and so on, he stated. we came to the conclusion that there surely is no these types of need now, and, i am hoping, it will not occur, and so we are going to perhaps not use this book.

Mr lukashenko has on multiple events required military some help from moscow. but experts have cautioned that while the calm pro-democracy protest activity against him and belarusian culture overall is not anti-russian, a stronger program of support through the kremlin could change that.

Since mr lukashenkos disputed re-election on august 9, thousands of belarusians took towards streets, with what has transformed into the many severe challenge to their quarter century in energy.

Considering that the crackdown in the instant aftermath regarding the election, which at the least three people died and almost 7,000 were detained, mr lukashenko has actually resorted to more targeted harassment of opposition numbers and revived unclear promises of constitutional reform in a quote to pacify protesters.

If someone wants dialogue fine...if you will find reasonable men and women inside resistance, just who see their particular nation as free and your role, although not in the road. there wont be any discussion in belarus under great pressure from streets, he said on thursday, based on the state-run development agency belta.

But even as he's got made vague guarantees about domestic dialogue, mr lukashenko has actually proceeded to warn that his opponents are supported by international causes bent on ousting him.

Today were are confronted with a specific stage of an allows place it bluntly crossbreed war against belarus. exactly how else can we describe it?...the diplomatic slaughter against united states has actually begun during the highest degree, he stated on thursday.

He in addition reiterated his statements that belaruss western neighbour, poland, had styles regarding area around grodno, in which mr lukashenko recently replaced the governor after neighborhood authorities made concessions to protesters.

The thing is these statements that if belarus drops apart, the grodno region goes to poland. they are currently openly referring to this, he said. [but] they'll not achieve this course of action, that i understand for certain.