Richman Group proposes apartments near Miami park

The text describes a building that would have a pool deck on the top floor.

Richman Group proposes apartments near Miami park

Richman Group of Florida proposed a nine story apartment complex on the west side of Miami in the Flagami neighbourhood.

Parkview will be considered by the Urban Development Review Board of Miami on April 19. Parkview would be built on a vacant site measuring 34,575 sq. ft. at 5645 S.W. Eighth St. is located directly north of J. Fritz & Frances Gordon Park.

Richman Parkview Gables Development Partners is an affiliate of West Palm Beach's Richman Group. They acquired the land in June 2022 for $5.94 Million.

Parkview, with a total of 215,155 square foot, would have 120 apartments and 194 spaces for parking. On the ground floor there would be a fitness centre, a clubroom and a gym. The ninth floor would have a pool deck.

Apartments would have between one and three bedrooms.

Marissa Neufeld from Miami, the attorney who represents the developer, could not be reached for a comment. The building was designed by Coral Gables' Behar Font & Partners.

Richman Group, a developer in Miami-Dade County that has been working to build more apartment buildings as rental rates reach record levels. Richman has recently completed a project in the area, including an apartment complex in Leisure City. Another is planned for Overtown.