President recep tayyip erdogan of chicken cannot stop choosing fights. he concerns the psychological security of president emmanuel macron of france, a fellow nato user with which he has recently clashed inside eastern mediterranean.

He's settling easily into a vendetta with the sunni arab frontrunners inside gulf he could be challenging for local supremacy. and he is daring president donald trump, which as yet has actually shielded turkey from us sanctions for flouting the embargo on iran and buying russian hands, to toss any sanctions he likes at him.

To top it all, he and fellow-strongman president vladimir putin are blowing difficult on embers regarding the war turkey narrowly avoided with russia in februarys heavy clashes in north-west syria. fires have actually a practice of distributing.

The most recent period of mr erdogans antagonism towards mr macron had been sparked by the latters uncompromising response to the beheading of a french record teacher by a chechen islamist.

This was a sequel towards jihadist assault from the charlie hebdo magazine in 2015 for publishing satirical cartoons of the prophet mohammed. samuel paty, the slaughtered instructor, had shown the cartoons to their pupils, and mr macron defended this as freedom of phrase in a republic under siege from islamist separatism.

Mr erdogan has brought this as an attack on all muslims that he, because their presumptive leader, must react. charlie hebdos choice to lampoon him individually will doubtless have verified him inside the resolve. yet whether from belief or opportunism and even an alloy of both mr erdogan features opted for a sturdy stay with which to conquer mr macron.

It is impossible for muslim rulers, nonetheless much they may detest the turkish president, to spring to your frenchmans defence, faced with well-known fury from the sensed denigration of the prophet.

Western leaders cannot straight back mr erdogan, maybe not minimum because his headstrong adventurism keeps colliding making use of their interests from aegean to your mediterranean and from north africa towards the levant. their assistance for, and dependence on, islamist fighters in north syria, libya and, apparently, nagorno-karabakh, is widely regarded as dallying with dangerous radicals at any given time jihadism is perceived as a top security threat globally.

Yet while the macron spat has actually captured the news headlines, it is turkeys rekindled rivalry with russia in north syria that's the more red-hot menace.

Presidents erdogan and putin had pretty much managed being on opposite sides of the municipal wars in syria and libya, to maximise shared interests. russia, since the prominent energy in syria behind bashar al-assads regime, looked benignly on turkish incursions into north syria in 2016, 2018 and 2019, to push us-backed kurdish militia from turkeys frontiers as well as its internal kurdish insurgency. chicken inturn bought russias s-400 missile defence system, calling into concern its continuing account of nato an added bonus for mr putin.

But turkeys wish to have strategic level and russias dedication to recuperate all syria when it comes to assad regime collided violently in february, with hefty casualties on both edges in idlib, the past rebel redoubt in north-west syria in which ankara had deployed its army and its own syrian proxies.

Recently, russias atmosphere force bombed one particular proxies, killing approximately 78 fighters, even though the turkish army had the other day withdrawn from eight outposts in the province to more defensible positions.

But resumed hostilities in idlib appear to be a russian reprisal for turkeys input to get azerbaijan in its dispute with armenia across ethnic armenian enclave of nagorno-karabakh. mr putin appears to have withdrawn his consent to turkeys armed forces presence in northern syria.

It was definitely just a matter of minutes before some one tested mr erdogans mixture of over-reach and vulnerability. the first to ever do so is their ally of convenience, mr putin. yet, while turkeys passions were always difficult to harmonise with russias, they are not truly in positioning with anyone at the center east except qatar, the maverick gas-rich emirate blockaded by its erstwhile gulf allies since 2017.

That alliance depicted recently by turkeys defence minister as one heart, one fist could evaporate once the us works intensively to fix qatars breach with saudi arabia in addition to united arab emirates, whoever hostility towards mr erdogan is also better.

Turkey, more over, is grappling with a weakening economic climate and sinking currency. tension is growing not only with europe and russia however with the us after ankara test-fired its russian missiles as a prelude to deploying them, which if mr trump manages to lose to the democrat joe biden next week is also very likely to be viewed as a line. a lot of lights are flashing red.