President vladimir putin stated on monday russia will give belarus a $1.5bn loan and uphold its claims of protection support, as embattled president alexander lukashenko sought moscows assistance for his crackdown on protesters.

Mr putin said that russia would additionally hold joint armed forces exercises with belarus almost every month for the next 12 months besides an existing vow to deploy russian police forces, the clearest indication however that moscow is ready to use force to stop a revolution in its closest client state.

Russia stays devoted to our agreements, mr putin said in remarks carried by condition media as their meeting began. we see belarus as our closest friend, and undoubtedly, when i have already told you often within phone calls, we shall provide on all of the responsibilities we believed.

Mr lukashenko, who's got ruled belarus for 26 years, visited mr putin in the ebony sea resort town of sochi on monday to shore up russias support for their regime after his disputed election triumph last month sparked the largest protests into the countrys record.

The former collective farm manager is mounting an allure offensive geared towards mr putin.

A buddy in need is a buddy undoubtedly. after all that sincerely, mr lukashenko stated. i want to many thanks maybe not for rewarding our pact [obligations], that goes without saying, but as you individually and all the russians who aided us after the elections acted so decently.

Mr lukashenkos pleas to moscow contrast together with getting rejected this past year of mr putins entreaties for deeper gels favour of rapprochement with the western. russia withdrew subsidies on oil exports which will cost belarus $10bn in income as much as 2024, while mr lukashenko over and over repeatedly asserted during campaign that puppetmasters from moscow were working to overthrow him.

But after reports of extensive electoral falsifications and police torture of protesters led the us and eu to threaten sanctions against belarus, mr lukashenko quickly changed tack to alert russia that permitting their downfall could encourage the same activity against mr putin. this might be a tutorial for several of our post-soviet republics, not merely for belarus and russia, he putin stated final month that russia would deploy an auxiliary police to belarus at mr lukashenkos demand if protests turn violent, galvanising mr lukashenkos very own protection causes to crack upon protests with renewed vigour before few days.

Belaruss opposition fears that mr lukashenkos overtures to mr putin will come in the cost of the countrys sovereignty under a long-stalled union state treaty might cement its economic dependence on russia.

Moscow has also refused to activate with svetlana tikhanovskaya, the 38-year-old presidential applicant whom declared by herself the national frontrunner following the election.

In front of the conference, ms tikhanovskaya, just who fled to lithuania under some pressure from belarusian security causes, called mr lukashenko an illegitimate [...] usurper and said a future government would reassess any agreements he signed with mr putin in sochi.

Mr putin told mr lukashenko that russia wanted belarusians to calmly sort out this situation themselves without any hints or force from exterior in a thinly veiled swipe at european help for ms tikhanovskaya.

He added that russia backed mr lukashenkos announcement of a constitutional analysis ultimately causing a referendum and early presidential election, that he stated would help belarus reach brand-new heights in building the governmental system.

Though mr lukashenko recently said he'd just keep workplace whenever you kill myself, moscow is pressing him to create great on vow of a review in the hope of finding an ultimate successor.

Artyom shraibman, president of minsk-based political consultancy sense analytics, stated that russia would still reluctantly straight back mr lukashenko within the absence of a palatable option.

The authorities are insistently cutting the opposition off at the head, he said. once any kind of management structures emerge, they deport all of them or prison all of them at once. hence tends to make things more difficult for russia, because if youre planning to refocus your policy, you should know: to who?