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Why Taylor Swift is the media's favorite subject — even when the story isn't about her

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Oh, how quickly the conversation turns to a certain pop star whenever there’s a lull in the cultural discourse.

The pop star in question is continuing her complete domination of our attentions with her successful tours, record-breaking album releases, and high-profile appearances. It’s no wonder that news outlets and companies are eager to associate themselves with her fame. Even when the stories have nothing to do with her, content creators often find a way to mention her, sparking conversations and increasing visibility.

The effect of mentioning this pop star in media stories has been studied. Research shows that her presence in any content leads to increased visibility. This has been seen in a story about a large stingray that mentioned her boyfriend twice. The story garnered millions of views.

There seems to be a memetic quality to the way this pop star is presented online, which invites fans and critics to engage in debates and discussions about her. This ritual drama increases her online visibility and helps those looking to get their messages out.

Even when she’s not the focus of the story, this pop star still manages to end up in the headlines. She has appeared in a limited-edition release of a condiment and has been mentioned in various news articles. Companies have always capitalized on the fame of popular figures to gain support from consumers, and this pop star is no exception.

With her ongoing success and widespread popularity, news outlets now report on anything remotely related to her. From her rumored boyfriend’s absence from an event to detailed accounts of what she ate for dinner, these stories become marketing opportunities. Even semi-obscure politicians and public figures mention her to capture attention.

While some may feel she dominates their news feeds, negative reactions only lead to more coverage, as fans celebrate every mention of her. Placing her in stories, even in a ridiculous manner, generates more views and becomes part of a tapestry of weird inclusions.

As her millions of fans eagerly search for new details about her, the media taps into this activity. The question remains: Where will we find this pop star next? She has become a topic of discussion at industry events and is often mentioned by celebrities and politicians as a way to expand their social reach.

At a recent event, an actress was asked to choose which of the pop star’s eras she would be. The question left her visibly confused, demonstrating that understanding and answering such a question requires a deep knowledge of the pop star.

Swift continues to be a significant presence in the cultural zeitgeist, capturing the attention and curiosity of the public.