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Overrun Japanese town putting up eight foot barrier to block tourist photos of Mount Fuji

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A Japanese town near Mount Fuji is taking measures to address the overcrowding caused by tourists seeking a popular selfie spot. Fujikawaguchiko has become inundated with foreign visitors wanting to capture the juxtaposition of a busy convenience store and the serene mountain backdrop. To combat the issue, the town will erect a large mesh barrier to obstruct the view. The decision was made due to ongoing problems of littering and tourists disregarding traffic rules. The net, measuring 8 feet high and 66 feet across, will be installed next week. The town’s actions are part of broader concerns about overtourism in Japan since the country’s reopening. Mount Fuji has suffered from increasing garbage and erosion. To alleviate overcrowding, Yamanashi’s prefectural government has implemented policies, including a daily limit for hikers and a mandatory fee. Fujikawaguchiko is situated in Yamanashi prefecture, approximately 62 miles west of Tokyo.