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Opinion: I see patients every day who need Ozempic and can't get it

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Top shelf medications for weight loss are out of reach for many, as millions only have access to decades-old medications. A year ago, an endocrinologist started treating a patient with multiple health issues and prescribed the diabetes drug, Ozempic, even though the patient didn’t have type 2 diabetes. The patient experienced significant weight loss and improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. However, changes in Medicare policies now require documentation of type 2 diabetes for prescriptions of GLP1 agonists, limiting options and creating financial barriers for patients. This has led to a reliance on older, less effective medications for obesity treatment. The high cost of newer medications and the limited coverage provided by insurance further exacerbate the issue. The article emphasizes the need for extended coverage for these life-changing medications until prices can be negotiated.