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Author Lindy West wants you to think about these five things when you meet a ‘fat' person

·1 min

Season 9 of a podcast explores the relationship between body weight and health. The latest episode features a discussion about the word “fat” and its reclamation by fat activists. The movement aims to destigmatize the term, similar to the way queer activists have reclaimed the word queer. The conversation with Lindy West, a prominent figure in the fat liberation space, delves into the rejection of the term “obese” as medicalizing and reducing individuals to a single dimension. West emphasizes the importance of treating people with respect and kindness, regardless of their body size. She also offers five thoughts for interacting with those who have larger bodies, including the need for compassion and understanding. The article concludes by recommending books to learn more about cultural biases and providing tips to develop a more compassionate perspective.