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9 best fitness products to help prevent injuries, according to physical therapists

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How to Stay Injury-Free During Workouts #

There are two types of clients who seek personal training services: those looking to heal from an injury and those aiming to prevent injuries. Injuries can happen to anyone, but there are ways to minimize the risk. Physiotherapists suggest that while you can’t avoid injury entirely, you can optimize your performance. There are two main types of exercise-induced injuries: traumatic injuries caused by one incident and repetitive-use injuries from consistent strain. To prevent injuries, it’s essential to increase your load gradually and focus on proper warm-up and form. Some recommended fitness products for injury prevention include weightlifting straps, compression garments, exercise mats, massage guns, foam rollers, resistance bands, BOSU balance trainers, and machines that allow for controlled movements. Keeping a distraction-free planner can also help you stay on track. It’s important to avoid overexertion and spread out your workouts to reduce the risk of injury.