The baltic pipe linking poland with norways gasfields will likely be fully funded within a month and it is on schedule despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to the leader of polands gaz system.

The 1.6bn task, a shared enterprise between gaz system and its particular danish counterpart energinet, will shake up the energy market in just one of the most geopolitically sensitive and painful parts of european countries, helping warsaw reduce its decades-long dependence on russian gasoline and giving it the possibility of becoming a central european hub the gas.

Tomasz stepien, having headed the polish state-run fuel network operator since 2015, said it absolutely was in talks with about 15 banks across funding of the financial investment programme, which includes its share regarding the baltic pipe costs.

The process is already higher level. we are in talks with banking institutions that are present from the polish market. they've been enough for us to truly have the cash guaranteed the programme, he stated, adding that the task would be funded from gaz techniques cash moves and up to 267m in eu funds.

We are a state-owned organization with very steady and predictable revenues, and from that point of view we have been a really steady and secure organization is financed.

The pipeline, that will have a capability of 10bn cubic metres annually, is a result of be finished in 2022. along side an lng terminal in baltic slot of swinoujscie, it's part of a wider polish want to break the russian stranglehold on its gas market who has endured long after the country escaped moscows governmental orbit in 1989.

Poland sources about 9 bcm of its 17 bcm annual gas need from russia. but polish officials have traditionally worried about moscows penchant for using gas as a governmental device, and countrys state-run gas group pgnig makes clear you won't restore its contract with russias gazprom with regards to expires in 2022.

In the past, we have been hurt lots of times by [our reliance upon russian gas], stated jerzy kwiecinski, chief executive of pgnig, pointing completely that poland had been charged higher costs by gazprom than a number of the russian teams various other european clients.

For people... guaranteeing fuel offer isn't just a case of economics, it is a case of our protection, he included.

Along with permitting poland to diversify its gasoline supplies, the baltic pipe helps it decarbonise its economic climate. poland derives almost 80 % of its electrical energy from coal however with the eu pressing for carbon neutrality by 2050, it offers come under increasing pressure to change to less polluting fuels.

The projects impact is believed beyond poland. gaz program is creating interconnectors to lithuania and slovakia, which may allow poland to route excess fuel to neighbouring nations in main european countries. both interconnectors are caused by be finished by early 2022.

Polish officials hope this will assist the country emerge as a gasoline hub the region, and in addition let other nations relieve their reliance upon russian fuel.

Gaz system has secured all of the permits had a need to begin work on the baltic pipe, and final thirty days struck a 280m cope with italys saipem to set the undersea element of the pipeline and its particular landfalls in poland and denmark.

It has also achieved a cope with gazprom how the pipeline will mix nordstream 2, the competing kremlin-backed pipeline connecting russia with germany that poland features fought enamel and nail to oppose.

But despite the progress, experts nevertheless respect the baltic pipes timetable as challenging.

We have without doubt that project will probably happen, but im nevertheless not sure when they will complete it by october 2022, because [if you look at similar jobs like] pipelines, and lng terminals, they were all delayed, stated robert tomaszewski, a power analyst at polityka insight in warsaw.

Mr stepien recognized that the coronavirus pandemic had been bound to cause disturbances in supply stores. but he stated he was unaware of every of gaz techniques technicians going bust, or any other improvements that could derail the baltic pipe.

To date we try not to see any troubles that may affect the routine of our financial investment...if a factory has many limits on manufacturing, we shall need to discover an alternate, or do things in different ways maintain the supply chain working. this may force united states to adopt some specific solutions. but thats all.