Polands international minister, jacek czaputowicz, states he wants to step down later come july 1st, as ruling law and justice celebration makes for a reshuffle after success in final days presidential election.

The presidential vote ended up being won by andrzej duda, supported by the conservative-nationalist legislation and justice, giving the party a spell of three years without nationwide elections in which to push in with an insurance policy that features often remaining warsaw at loggerheads with brussels.

Mr czaputowicz, one of many governments much more reasonable figures, told the newsprint rzeczpospolita which he had agreed early in the day this season to remain on through to the election, but your reshuffle, expected because of the autumn, could be an excellent moment for an alteration towards the top of our diplomacy.

Asked if this may induce a change in tone in polands international plan, the 64-year-old whom became international minister in 2018 and previously worked in academia said that current range had been more likely to carry on.

After the triumph of andrzej duda, a time period of a long period of governmental stability is checking, which can only help the additional strengthening of polands place when you look at the intercontinental arena, he stated.

The election promotion had been marked by a number of attacks on germany by senior political leaders from the ruling camp, with mr duda accusing german-owned media categories of wanting to influence the end result. poland summoned the german charg daffaires within the matter. it has also yet to ensure the countrys incoming ambassador, into disappointment of berlin.

Mr czaputowicz played down the friction, saying that germany nevertheless wished to work closely with warsaw. they've be prepared for the reality that current ruling camp will remain in energy in poland for extended, he said.

However whilst mr czaputowicz sought to reduce the tensions, jaroslaw kaczynski, the president of law and justice and extensively viewed as polands most effective politician, explained your party in the pipeline to return into vexed question of repolonising the media, a few of which is possessed by german groups including axel springer and verlagsgruppe passau.

There is no reason poland needs an alternate mindset than many other western nations, which fiercely defend their particular sovereignty of this type, mr kaczynski informed polskie radio on sunday, incorporating that he believed the matter might be dealt with before the after that parliamentary elections in 2023.

Different rules, which do not occur in poland, exist into the western, and it is necessary to make reference to them. we do not wish state which rules. [but] we have been analysing this, and you can find discussions with this matter.