Plant-based Love.Life restaurant opens in Culver City's Ivy Station

The restaurant will be health-focused, offering Love.Life's food, holistic medical care, and wellness therapies.

Plant-based Love.Life restaurant opens in Culver City's Ivy Station

Love.Life, a wellness company based in Austin, Texas, is opening its first Los Angeles restaurant this week at Culver's Ivy Station.

The plant-based restaurant, located at 8900 Venice Boulevard, will follow the health-focused Love.Life mission as it bridges the gap between food, holistic medical treatment and wellness therapies. The restaurant's recipes avoid excessive oils, added sugar and sodium to maximize the nutritional density of whole foods.

The restaurant will include medical and wellness elements that are expected to be open by early 2024.

The restaurant will open for breakfast, dinner and lunch daily starting May 5. The setup is similar to that of the other Love Life Cafe location in Miami. A coffee and juice bar will be attached to the restaurant and serve a variety coffees, juices, and wellness shots. Breakfast items to-go such as overnight oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches with homemade granola, and acai berry bowls are also on the menu.

Lunch and dinner menu items include chili-roasted whole cauliflower, Thai green curry bowls, mushroom farro risotto and made-in-house, 48-hour-cold-fermented, whole wheat sourdough pizza.

According to Love.Life, a portion of the menu will also be dedicated to "health-promoting" items and foods that help 'optimize wellbeing, reduce inflammation, and promote vitality'. These include foods that are clinically proven to treat and reverse chronic conditions.

This category includes beets tartare, oyster mushrooms carnitas and shepherd's pie. Guests can view the nutritional profile of each dish by scanning the QR code.

Love.Life, founded in 2020 by John Mackey, Walter Robb, and Betsy Foster (former executives of Whole Foods), recently acquired Plant Based TeleHealth. Now rebranded Love.Life Telehealth. This service offers lifestyle medical care virtually around the world in addition to medical services at Love.Life locations.