The experts of Cyprus investor Perama Estates LLC state the current investment situation in Peru to be one of the best in the region of Latina America.

Without a doubt the developing economies like Peru or Argentina made its way out of the crisis much faster than states in Europe. While the states of EU can still feel the breath of the downturn the countries in Latin America already reached its pre-crisis levels and continue developing. Business vehicles that have been running their activity in this region also had more chances to survive the recession. Due to quite significant number of construction agencies and developers the real estate market is one of the fastest growing spheres in Peru. Tourism sector also fuels the property market bringing stable inflow of new visitors thus raising the demand for residential units. The demand for commercial property also started going up and again tourism sector is one of those factors influencing the situation.

Right now Perama Estates LLC decided not to concentrate its attention on creation of new options. Rather than that the company takes the advantage over existing premises and real estate solution emlarging its current portfolio. According to the latest report delivered by this investor property remains to be the main asset of the company.

The merger with the local developer will also bring its advantages. This way Perama Estates LLC will be able to stream its efforts in 2 directions purchasing and investing in units available on the market and creating new real estate solutions. Yet the management of the company provided no comments of which direction is going to be the dominating one. After the merger operation is over the newly-created buisness vehicle may review its stratege shifting the accent to other asset.

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