Opioid Distributors Cleared of Liability to Georgia Families Ravaged by Addiction

This case highlights the problems that many states and municipalities have faced in using money to provide treatment for those who are most in need.

Learn about the effects of fentanyl. Fentanyl can be addictive because it is powerful and has a fast acting drug. It is easy to overdose on fentanyl because a small amount can cause serious side effects. Only use licensed pharmacies. Many prescription drugs sold online by unlicensed sellers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Xanax, are laced with fentanyl. Talk to your family members. It is important to inform your family members, teens included, about fentanyl. Explain the definition of fentanyl and how it can be obtained online from friends. How to recognize an overdose. Overdosing on fentanyl can cause breathing problems and bluish skin. Purchase naloxone. You can buy naloxone if you are concerned about your loved one being exposed to fentanyl. F. Lane Heard III, a Cardinal lawyer noted that Brandy Turner was a mother to four daughters and took methadone from her mom in return for household chores. She also watched her father selling drugs. The lawsuit was filed in 2019. It claimed that the distributors had been eager to ship opioids to five local pharmacies for more than a decade. These pharmacies ordered large quantities of opioids and often dispensing them with dangerous combinations. Joseph Poppell was the lead plaintiff. He is a paramedic firefighter pilot whose parents were killed by overdoses. He rescued his nieces from foster homes while his sister, who was still addicted, was being sued.