Good mid-day, im peter foster, the fts brand new public policy editor, and from today ill be composing your once a week brexit briefing newsletter, monitoring advancements even as we enter the final, important stages of eu-uk negotiations.

Every thursday brexit briefing can look to probe the gap between ministerial rhetoric plus the complex realities that business and industry face while they plan the uks deviation from the eus single marketplace and traditions union on january 1 2021.

While seeking to show you unfolding events via ft colleagues and a network of private connections on both edges for the channel, i also desire to hear your ideas into exactly how brexit is really planning land in the uk. from offer chains to mention help, from immigration to the moving political landscape, please share your real-world understanding of this uncertain globe because it emerges.

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Eu main brexit negotiator michel barnier finds downing street on tuesday

Michel barnier and his team are in london this weekfor modern pattern of brexit negotiations. this not officially becoming a formal negotiating round, the theory would be to provide both sides some respiration room to test toenter exactly what one eu official calls the conversation chamber of genuine settlement.

Currently, both sides have mostly caught for their scripts (actually in the case of british negotiators the other day, in accordance toofficials), but this week there seems to be reason to hope that two edges can enter substantive conversations about future eu-uk trade arrangements.

Last week, we comprehend, mr barnier exposed the doorway to a discussion on an even more versatile eu approach towards governance for the arrangement. that move did not initially win the response from david frost, the uk negotiator, that the eu had envisioned, then again later a week ago the whisper ended up being your british part performed sign these were ready to chat.

The major problems of assertion are understood the general structure of agreement, the part of european court of justice,thrashing out a standard framework on condition help policy, agreeing a guide point for non regression on environmental and social criteria and so are lots of the potential compromises.

It may be worth remembering your british ask from brussels while exceeding, in aggregate, a canada-style trade arrangement remains extremely unambitious.

This might be in the end the reason why numerous officials nonetheless stay optimistic that a deal can be achieved. last year it thought, from time to time, like the irish edge concern had been intellectually and politically insoluble but that's far from the truth aided by the current talks.

Practical solutions are there, in the event that governmental will can there be on both edges although time is working very short to work out the technical aspects of the compromises on, state, condition help, a number of that your ftexplored recentlywith the help of a few top competitors lawyers.

All of these helps you to describe why the speaks tend to be perhaps not as recharged such as previous iterations with this procedure due to the fact number of possible results, now that the legal guillotine features dropped regarding the uks membership of this eu, is actually sensibly tiny.

The united kingdom leaves the eu on december 31; it will phase in an important level of new frictions and expenses with its trade with european countries and it will look for to create a fresh trade and international policy outside the orbit of the eu. package or no price, they're today the understood knowns.

As a result, the balance regarding the brexit story now falls firmly about this side of the channel. this procedure is no much longer principally taking place in brussels au contraire. which is why this briefing will target brexit because it places in real life.

In the next 12 months hauliers,freight forwarders and ferry companieswill need to adjust to the governing bodies newgoods car movement servicefor pre-lodging consignments on eu (without which they will not be able to board) hence it system have not also been trialled yet.

A lot more urgently, because unlike thedover-calais crossingit needs to be totally operational from day one, the northern ireland protocol needs to be implemented, meaning that all goods going from the uk in to the province must adhere to the eus traditions rule.

The chemical substances industry, which touches all of our resides with techniques hard to imagine, will need to conform to a fresh united kingdom type of the eu chemical compounds register reach but once more that pc software has not yet been shared with business.

And even if a zero tariff, zero quota bargain is hit, the meals and drinks industrywill need certainly to grapplewith thehidden tough brexitthat comes with making the eus customs union, which makes it impossible for a lot of makers to be eligible for zero tariff access due to brand new restrictions over alleged guidelines of source.

Providers sectors should adjust to an innovative new immigration regime on this side of the channel; british business experts could find their present automatic fly in, travel out usage of the eu becomes entangled in an internet of different national regimes.

So that as international britain appears to strike trade deals with various other regulatory regimes in america and asia-pacific, the united kingdom should produce a unique internal marketplace in the home in which the regulating disciplines that were once implemented across the ukby brussels will now have become implemented by london.

That possibility,as we reported this week, is already producing significant governmental tensions utilizing the scottish national celebration which will only grow as we head into the holyrood elections for a fresh scottish government next might.

The ukgovernment will also must commence to wrestle with thepolitics of trademore generally. we now have seen currently with themillion-signature nationwide farmers union petitionagainst low-animal-welfare food imports how civil community stress could change policy, after liz truss, the international trade assistant,announced an independent commissionto advise on post-brexit agriculture trade policy.

But this is only the start. municipal community is gearing around beard the government on a range of dilemmas from gmos, to pesticide deposits, seafood stocks together with fate of welsh lamb farmers.

All this work has become the actual material of brexit: the gristle and sinew of a huge procedure for national transformation the upsides and downsides of which this briefing will appear to unpick and explore. please don't think twice to tell us locations to go searching.

Bar chart of manufacturing share of regional financial result (gross value-added), 2018, % showing popular to production probably will have the biggest impact within the

It is not difficult to forget that for all the noise and fury of history four years, the ground-level impact of brexit has actually scarcely started to play aside. regardless of if a zero tariff, zero quota trade bargain may be negotiated, industry will deal with substantial new bureaucratic barriers to trade using eu or maybe more accurately, the return of old people that have been stripped away over the past 27 years because of the steady emergence regarding the single market for items.

The expenses of the brand-new barrierswill not fall evenly,geographically because chart from uk in a changing europeillustrates or across individual manufacturing industries. so while manufacturing might on average account fully for about 15 % of regional economies, the midlands is specially reliant on autos. the location uses about a 3rd of most british car employees and accounts for approximately half of 16bn value added the industry produces nationwide. jaguar land-rover alone employs 20,000 individuals of the 170,000 the hires directly inside uk.

So while financial dislocation of a no deal or an extremely thin offer might be workable whenever expressed across the entire economy, those impacts are focused on specific areas and specific industries with all the current localised political fallout that suggests.

Doubts over eu laws deal raise possibility of greater town costson a monday morning, just over this past year, financial investment businesses across the eu found these people were not allowed to trade on the swiss stock exchange. it happened almost in a single day simply because brussels declined to extend a regulatory equivalence handle switzerland, which provided each side free usage of others markets. this looks increasingly just like the circumstance britain could result in the following year, professionals state. (matthew vincent, ft)johnson pledge to hire 50,000 even more nhs nurses is within doubtboris johnsonspledge to recruit 50,000 more nhs nursesis in question after the number from the eu dropped again and coronavirus prevented tens of thousands of arrivals from the other countries in the globe. the prime minister made the guarantee a cornerstone of his basic election campaign a year ago. (denis campbell, the guardian)