The CEO of Novenburg Estates Limited advanced the initiative of creating a separate cluster in portfolio to include special residential property solutions.

The decision to increase the number of residential units included in current portfolio and move them to a separate folder was dictated by newly implemented trust asset management service. After the introduction of this service Novenburg Estates Limited will be able to assist its clients managing their real estate units in order to achieve the highest yields possible. Currently around 70% of Novenburg Estates Limited customers target residential real estate in various countries. Some individuals seek to change the place of living while others tend to acquire property to let it on lease thus creating a stable income source. Irrespectively of the customers goals Novenburg Estates Limited can offer full spectrum of real estate services.

Real estate market of Chile is quite bright and the opportunities available are also different. One may find the real state solution that will meet both the funds and demands. Still the Cyprus investor tends to focus on residential units preferably in the resort areas. The CEO of the company still states that Novenburg Estates Limited may also get interested in commercial solutions as long as the strategy and the goals of this investor to a great extends depends of the clients needs.

Chile has well-developed tourism sector attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. Currently Novenburg Estates Limited takes close look to the land sites located in La Parva, Valle Nevado and Farellones. These resort areas are popular among tourists and the customers of the company may be interested in real estate units located there. Land sites development options are also available, but for such projects Novenburg Estates Limited may need the assistance and the resources of local developer.

The moves of the company on Chilean market are yet cautious and the moves are prudent. Still the intention to increase the share of the residential real estate units shows strong desire of Novenburg Estates Limited to take advantage over the local opportunities.

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