'Momentum is building': Analyzing the Houston Texans' draft and free agency moves

The Houston Texans are finally moving in the right direction, according to football analyst John Harris.

'Momentum is building': Analyzing the Houston Texans' draft and free agency moves

The Houston Texans, who had a 3-13-1 season in 2022 (the second-worst in the NFL), have given their fans hope that this year will be better thanks to a few key additions made through free agency and draft.

The Texans' first-round picks in the NFL Draft held on April 27-29 made a huge impact. Houston owned the No. Houston originally owned the No. The Arizona Cardinals had 12 picks overall, but they traded them away to the New York Jets in order to move up and get back-to-back picks at No. C.J. Stroud, the Ohio State quarterback, was selected by the Texans as their first pick. Stroud was the first player selected by the Texans, and then Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. as their second.

John Harris, Texans sideline reporter and football analyst, said that many mock drafts had Houston selecting either Stroud, or Anderson. However, the Texans actually managed to select two of the four top prospects from this year's class. The Texans spent a lot to move up in the draft, but they were able to get two of the top four prospects. The No. The move is worth it. 33 picks this year plus first and third round picks next year. Harris added that Stroud and Anderson are both organization-changing players.

Harris said that if the picks work out, you can set the course of the franchise starting here in 2023. You don't need to wait until the year 2024 for another selection.

The Texans addressed other needs, including building up their wide receivers group. Houston traded Brandin to the Dallas Cowboys during the offseason, but drafted Tank Dell and Xavier Hutchinson out of Iowa State University. Harris said that the picks will add athleticism and speed to Houston's offensive, something it lacked before.

Harris stated that the organization was aware of the need to change their wide receivers. They needed to make a change because they did not have players who could run past people and make plays.

Houston has added some key veterans to its roster in the first part of the year through free agency. The Texans resigned Pro Bowl left guard Laremy Tusil to a 3-year, $75-million extension. Robert Woods of the Tennessee Titans joined Noah Brown of the Cowboys to give the team more depth at wide receiver. The team also added running back Devin Singletary, from the Buffalo Bills, and tight end Dalton Schultz, from the Cowboys.

Harris stated that the Texans have built an offense where rookie quarterback Stroud can grow and develop. According to ESPN, the offense should have improved significantly from last year when it ranked second to last in terms of yards per game (283.5) and points per games (17). Harris says that while the Texans don't have the firepower needed to become a top-10 offensive unit just yet, the team is moving in the right directions.

Harris stated that the offense is full of confidence and optimism, which has not been present since Deshaun played last in 2020.

Houston also added some talent to its defense in the offseason. The Texans also drafted Alabama linebacker Henry To'oTo'o and Texas Christian University edge Dylan Horton in the draft. Houston signed linebackers Denzel Perman and Cort Littleton, defensive linesman Sheldon Rankins, and safety Jimmy Ward during free agency.

Harris stated that the Texans added not only talented players, but also individuals of high character. Harris said that while it's difficult to determine how an organization can change its culture - whether winning changes the culture or vice versa - bringing these leaders into the locker room has a positive impact on the team.

Harris stated that despite the positive energy in the organization, the Texans were still in a phase of rebuilding and that they are only one or two pieces from a full roster. Harris said Houston will win more games and won't likely be the second or third-worst teams in the league. Harris said that there are many reasons for Texans fans to be excited this year. This includes the hiring of new coaches in the off-season, as well as the drafting and free-agent decisions made by the Texans.

The momentum is increasing. Harris stated that the big cargo tanker had turned around and was now moving in a different direction. "(Fans) are aware that we are still a few steps away but we have finally started moving in the right direction," Harris said.