For jorge hernndez, the outlook of a cut-in us jobless pay emerged as a surprise.

His hours in the manhattan restaurant in which he works as a cook have already been slashed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, so he's got arrived at rely on the advantage to support his elderly relatives home in mexico.

Mr hernndez accustomed deliver a-quarter of their salary to their moms and dads and grandma in huajuapan within the highlands of oaxaca, a poor condition in south-west mexico. a lot more than 10 percent of oaxacas gross domestic item comes from remittances from family members abroad.

Theyre likely to halve my unemployment payi wont manage to send just as much. this may indicate even more poverty yourself, said mr hernndez, elderly 65.

He is perhaps not really the only mexican abroad who's got continued to deliver cash home since the pandemic started.

Remittances to mexico have proved resistant considering that the start of the covid-19 crisis, shortly after hitting accurate documentation $36bn just last year. mexico today earns even more in remittances than it can from foreign direct financial investment, tourism or oil exports.

In the orifice weeks regarding the crisis in march, remittances hit accurate documentation month-to-month a lot of $4bn. and data published on monday revealed that in june, they rose 4.7 per cent thirty days on month to $3.5bn, in line with the bank of mexico.

Because of this, total remittances in the first half a year with this year achieved accurate documentation $19.1bn10.6 % higher than in the same period in 2019.

Chart showing increase in mexican remittances

The numbers claim that some us benefit cheques find their particular method to mexican households home.

Its an unusual recession in the us because average incomes havent dropped as a result of federal government aid, stated carlos serrano, primary economist at bbva in mexico city.

Hispanic unemployment in america is operating at above double the pre-pandemic degree, in line with the bureau of work statistics, and mr serrano noted that about 60 % of mexicans in the us had formal immigration paperwork and could consequently be eligible for formal aid.

Plus some workers earnings have shown resistant. about 10 per cent of mexicans work with the agriculture sector, which largely kept going through the pandemic-related shutdowns, and another 17 percent work with the usa construction industry, with suffered less disruption than other areas.

Regardless of if the us slashes jobless advantages, this might be the year which remittances increase 6 to 7 % [from 2019], mr serrano stated. if benefits aren't slashed, the rise might be greater however because were beyond the worst in us unemployment, he included.

Chart showing resources of mexican remittances

One mexican just who earns $11 an hour or so plus board choosing peppers, cucumbers, aubergines and courgettes in georgia, and who requested to be defined as juan, typically sends up to $700 home every two weeks to his parent and eight-year-old son.

Work is scarce at this time, and also the 30-year-old can simply send about $200-$300, but for me, its a blessing because we havent ended working.

A true blessing normally exactly how mexican president andrs manuel lpez obrador defines his countrys migrants. he has got hailed the increase in remittances as a positive indicator.

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on the mexican economy, where gdp dropped by more than 17 percent quarter on quarter within the three months to summer, data published a week ago revealed. mexico has no federal unemployment pay and coneval, hawaii agency accountable for calculating poverty, found 55 percent of employees didn't make adequate to purchase a fundamental container of meals in-may, a surge from 36 % in the first quarter.

Because of this, the number of mexicans maneuvering to the usa is rising. apprehensions of mexican grownups on us border have almost doubled since february, hitting 135,626, according to united states customs and border coverage information published by the washington workplace on latin the united states, a think-tank. here is the greatest tally since september last year.

Adam isacson at wola said that, unlike 2018 and 2019 when caravans of central americans reached the edge to make on their own in the us authorities, migrants were today simply going and attempting not to get caught as they desired to get across between appropriate things of entry.

The mexican economy is crateringthat pushes folks forward, mr isacson said. no matter just who wins the [november us] election, as soon as covid restrictions go, we will have a big wave of migrants...democrats are dreading having a caravan situation in their very first 100 times [if joe biden wins].

For all undocumented and appropriate migrants alike, there's no much better alternative to doing work in the us.

Ill keep on coming, said juan, whoever remittance bucks delivered back in the last 5 years are now being used to revamp the family residence. however for now, their absolute goal is to stay away from covid-19 because however be laid off without pay for two weeks if he got unwell.

Theres no shortage of people to infect you, he said. and things are incredibly tough at home, our families rely on united states.