Man Fatally Mauled by Pit Bulls Inside Detroit Building

. The man's body was found in a building with three pit bulls. Detroit police say the man was apparently attacked and killed by the dogs.

DETROIT, AP -- Police said that a 58-year old man whose corpse was discovered in a Detroit apartment building was apparently attacked and killed pit bulls.

Detroit Police Cpl. Dan Donakowski, Detroit police Cpl.

Donakowski stated that investigators discovered evidence that the man was attacked at least by two pit bulls.

Donakowski stated that the detectives believed the victim might have entered the building to assist the dogs, and was then attacked by them.

Animal Care and Control Division of the city captured the dogs. Unknown is what will become of them.

According to John Roach of Detroit's city spokesman, an investigation by animal control officers revealed that the building was undergoing renovations and the pit bulls owned, licensed, and vaccinated by the property owner.