Belaruss embattled president alexander lukashenko will satisfy their russian counterpart vladimir putin on monday to shore up moscows support for his crackdown on protesters.

After months of a tight stalemate, police started initially to detain protesters in minsk on sunday in a bid to stop a perform for the size rallies that have attracted thousands and thousands of men and women to the streets within the last thirty days.

Mr lukashenko promises russias help is paramount to end the puppetmasters he says tend to be working the protests from abroad as a test run for fundamentally overthrowing their older cousin mr putin.

All of this is globalised and internationalised, mr lukashenko stated in an interview with four russian state news outlets this week. if you think that russias riches will be able to cope with this, youre mistaken. i talked a number of presidents, to my old buddy [mr] putin, whom i phone my older sibling, and i warned him: theres not a way to prevent this.

As belaruss masked security causes abduct opposition frontrunners and torture calm protesters, mr lukashenko features mounted an appeal offensive targeted at moscow into the hope mr putins assistance can stem the wave.

Mr lukashenkos opponents, however, worry russias support can come at the expense of belaruss sovereignty.

The kremlin has very long pushed to deepen ties with minsk through a union state treaty who has mostly stalled written down for just two decades but could get as far as setting-up a unified currency and central lender, cementing belaruss economic reliance on russia.

Though mr lukashenko previously resisted mr putins drive for integration costing belarus $10bn in essential oil subsidies in the act the present protests spurred him to make restored appeals for mr putins assistance.

Lukashenkos acting like hes on bazaar. hes making a deal with russia for their future, stated tatiana stanovaya, president of russia-focused political consultancy r politik. he realises he must secure more comfortable circumstances for his future presence.

Mr putin stated final thirty days that russia had created an additional police force which it would deploy to belarus at mr lukashenkos demand if protests turn violent.

The announcement echoed the tiny green men moscow delivered to annex crimea in 2014 after a pro-western transformation in ukraine, and galvanised mr lukashenkos very own safety causes to break down on protests with restored vigour.

Relations between the two presidents, however, tend to be warm. in run-up towards election mr lukashenko continuously accused russia of funding his competitors and plotting using the resistance to overthrow him. even after embracing moscow once again, mr lukashenko makes the nations brotherly relations seem like a married relationship of convenience because russias insufficient allies in east europe.

[mr putin] knows completely really you cant switch belarus to america or even the west, mr lukashenko informed the russian journalists, claiming which he had destroyed a sanitary cordon a thousand kilometres long linking the baltic says to ukraine.

He was trying to deliver a message that theres no one closer and more loyal than lukashenko, so that they have to keep him on, stated artyom shraibman, creator of minsk-based political consultancy sense analytics. by framing the complete process as an external invasion he drags putin in with him.

Svetlana tikhanovskaya, the 38-year-old presidential applicant which declared by herself the nationwide frontrunner after saying success within the disputed election, has called on russia to abandon mr lukashenko.

Mr putin has actually yet to spell out the price for their help, although the kremlin dismissed talk of mergers and acquisitions that would see belarus become section of russia. alternatively moscow ended up being more likely to drive mr lukashenko to increase a long-delayed constitutional reform procedure in hope of finding an even more palatable client to go the country, ms stanovaya stated.

The kremlin believes that belarusian society is pro-russian and in case russia offers some carrots in the shape of really serious social plan, after that there wont be any problems, she said.

But moscow has rejected to engage with the resistance and endured by as belarus jails or deports nearly all of its leaders.

Mr shraibman said russia had reluctantly supported mr lukashenko in big component because it had no other credible numbers to support.if russia backs mr lukashenko too heavily, however, it could exposure antagonising public-opinion against mr putin, he included.