The coronavirus pandemic has actually pulled right back the curtain on numerous deep-rooted economic and social disputes, included in this beingwage inequality.

Although covid-19 threatens the healthiness of billionaires and low-income employees alike, the latter are in a significantly higher risk of contracting the disease in the office. outside symbolic activity labelling and honouring our important workers low-income employees are largely maybe not compensated for increased risk they experience.

Within show the newest social contract financial circumstances reporters examined the issues and possible solutions we will confront after the pandemic. if the lessons of 2008 worldwide financial meltdown are any indication, it seems most likely that low-wage, high-risk work is not going anywhere fast.

Compounding the matter of inequality, most of the exact same people that thought the pain of 2008 crash many acutely are now actually experiencing a second blow. millennials had been amid graduating from institution and establishing their professional footing during great recession. now, once they must be in their maximum receiving years, they're experiencing just one more setback.

Just how can we set low-income earners and employees under 40 on a much better track post-pandemic? will there be a lesson to be discovered over decreasing earnings inequality?

These days, claire bushey, chicago correspondent, and dave lee, san francisco correspondent, will answer your questions on what we are able to make an effort to correct this course of the post-pandemic landscape. drop the questions you have in the responses below and claire and dave will answer all of them each day.