According to the specialists of Limmeropo Estates LLC present day buy-to-let apartment complexes are among the most attractive real estate objects on the territory of Jamaica. Complexes of the average footage are the most attractive asset as long as they are in greatest demand among both tourists and local dwellers. Because of world crisis certain individuals cannot afford to buy the apartments or villa because of hard financial state. Still, renting an apartment in such complex is a good option. It is also a good opportunity for those who seek to find a second home or looking for a place to establish a residence. Some people come to Jamaica to acquire a house to come to during the vacation period.

In terms of perspectives - Jamaica is the most attractive area in Caribbean region from the point of view of running investment activity. the high demand of residential property and high return from letting the unit on lease make the real Estates sphere a very attractive sector to invest in. The annual income from lease can go up to 18%. Apart from that the interested individuals and investors should pay attention to low-cost apartments and other real Estates units. Such opportunities are a good harbor for capital. As long as the world economy starts recovering such objects will be much more expensive in mid or long term perspective. In the nearest future Limmeropo Estates LLC Limited plans to pay more attention to depressed premises and not expensive units for redevelopment and reselling purposes.

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