Key Collaborator

Billy Bratton introduced his friend Clay Haddock to crossword puzzles in college, which led to their current collaboration.

Key Collaborator

This is a very poignant answer and clue. This puzzle's 'addicts' plaint is I CAN’T STOP.

I can't think of anything better than the name heckelphone for an instrument. By its name, you could say that it's a bombing comedian. Apparently it is related to the OBOE.

It is not a criticism to say that'medium talent' exists. It is a hint at the talents of a particular medium. This may include ESP.

"Gave the Finger?" It sounds as if the person is angry but it simply means POKED in this puzzle.

Remember that the word "locks" can also refer to hair when it appears in a clue. The clue "Headlocks?" The clue 'Head locks?' could have referred to wrestling, but the answer today is MANE.

Constructor Notes

Billy Bratton : We met at Carleton College in the winter of 2022. (My freshman year and Clay's second year). By May, Clay and I were introduced to the magic of crosswords. The New York Times received two puzzles. This was, incidentally, the puzzle we felt was not as good. However, we still had a lot of fun creating around LOVE TO HATE. Clay, it's time to give them a bio.

Clay Haddock: Next year, I will graduate from Carleton College. I am a member CUT (Carleton Ultimate Team). I'm from Hastings-on-Hudson in New York and will be working as an advisory internship this summer at KPMG. I'm currently in India, near the Ganges River. Thank you to Fabian and David, my hosts in Patagonia Argentina, for teaching me to fly fish last month. Fabian also taught me to drive a stick.


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