Johnson Controls project in Glendale on track for May start

This week, the Glendale Plan Commission approved Johnson Controls International's new engineering center and laboratory space. Construction is anticipated to start in May.

Johnson Controls project in Glendale on track for May start

Johnson Controls International, which received approval from the Glendale Plan Commission this week to begin construction on its new engineering center and lab space north of the existing corporate offices, says that it expects to start in May.

The company announced plans on March 23 for the 105,000 square-foot facility located at North Baker Road West Florist Avenue. Johnson Controls, NYSE: JCI, will lease space from Weas Development Co. in Milwaukee.

The site is expected to house 250 employees. Most of them will be relocating from Johnson Controls' downtown Milwaukee office, which the company is closing.

On April 12, the plan commission gave the final approvals required for project site plan and architectural reviews. Glendale Common Council will vote on a final matter April 24, which is the approval of a certified survey plan, according to Glendale Community Development Director John Fellows.

A Johnson Controls spokesperson said via email on Thursday that they were pleased with the approval of their new engineering center.

Bear Real Estate Group, Kenosha, purchased the historic campus of Johnson Controls at 507 E. Michigan St. in October 2021 and plans to relocate its employees to Glendale. Johnson Controls originally agreed to lease the downtown offices back for two years, but has since extended the lease to September 2024. Mills of Bear Real Estate.

Weas Development plans for Glendale include the demolition of a small industrial building located near Florist Avenue. The plans for Weas Development in Glendale include the demolition of a small industrial building near Florist Avenue.

According to a report from the city staff to the Glendale Plan Commission, the project involves creating parking lots north and south of a modified structure.

The report says that Johnson Controls will 'test a variety products at the new facility before launching manufacturing efforts around the globe'. The report states that the activities will include testing products that are "highly confidential" for trade secrets in the industry.