Based on current research conducted by the experts from Interbono Estates the real estate located in various areas of Paraguay keeps gaining its value.

Paraguay keeps enjoying an increasing attention from foreign capital holders paid to its realty sector. During the recent years the state that suffered less damage from world recession than its neighbors the property sector continued slow but still quite stable growth. Within 2017 - 2018 the demand was subdued but the year 2019 changed the realty map of the market bringing strong demand for certain property objects. In 2019 the Southeast of the state has seen construction boob bringing more than 44,000 sq.m. of property to the market. The north of the country showed more modest results where only 18,000 square meters of the property entered the market.

The prices are yet at moderate level but with current demand level the Q1 of 2020 may see the whole different results comparing with the same time frame in last year.

Real estate agents and investors take closer look at this Latin American state as it contains significant amount of yet uncovered business opportunities. Foreign capital of companies like Interbono Estates Limited produce a healthy effect on the state economy creating work places, developing existing markets and creating new niches for investment.

Interbono Estates Limited also decided to make its entrance on the market purchasing 2 middle-size office premises in AsunciĆ³n. This move can either mean a common interest in another opportunity or may be the beginning of massive investment campaign.

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