Nato speaks launched to lower tensions between greece and chicken within the east mediterranean region have actually encounter instant difficulty after officials in athens denied they'd decided to participate in.

Jens stoltenberg, nato secretary-general, announced the negotiations later on thursday but greece said on friday it wouldn't normally engage unless turkey pulled naval boats out of all contested maritime areas very first.

The spat highlights the escalating risk of dispute within the mediterranean as longstanding territorial disputes between turkey and its neighbors are intensified because of the dash to take advantage of the areas fuel reserves. ankara, with welcomed mr stoltenbergs statement, criticised athens for its apparent reluctance to be involved in the nato effort.

Mr stoltenberg had said on thursday evening that, after conversations with greek and turkish frontrunners, both nato user says had agreed to come right into technical speaks on brussels-based armed forces alliance. these would seek to establish mechanisms for military deconfliction to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents within the eastern mediterranean, he added.

Greece and chicken tend to be appreciated allies, and nato is a vital system for consultations on all conditions that affect our provided protection, he stated. i stay in close touch with all worried allies to locate an answer towards the tensions into the character of nato solidarity.

But greece features complained it's too early to start talks since no opinion was indeed reached on preventing clashes into the aegean.

This move is very far from being an understanding to resume a discussion, stelios petsas, the greek government spokesperson, informed greek television station skai on friday. there remains the problem of the turkish part de-escalating their particular place in a practical method.

Mr stoltenberg informed reporters on friday that greece and turkey had satisfied already for technical talks at nato at an army amount. he said no system have been agreed however to cut back the possibility of situations and accidents within the eastern mediterranean.

They are technical speaks, instead of negotiations from the fundamental disputes between greece and chicken, he added.

Chicken, that was furious whenever greece signed a maritime deal with egypt last month amid german-brokered talks, features since stated it will be ready to go back to negotiations but only without preconditions.

Tensions escalated final thirty days whenever greek and turkish frigates collided in disputed waters, damaging the turkish vessel, which was guarding a turkish seismic research ship. athens has insisted you won't begin speaks provided that turkish navy boats stay in contested oceans from the greek area of kastellorizo, which lies 2km from turkish coast.

Mevlut cavusoglu, turkeys international minister, stated athens had yet again shown that it is maybe not towards discussion.

Chicken has grown increasingly assertive in its search for gasoline in oceans off cyprus, whose northern part it occupied militarily in 1974 after a greek-backed coup. ankara in addition disputes greeces economic territorial claims based on the coastline of their islands maybe not not even close to the turkish shore.

Rifts between turkey also mediterranean countries have been exacerbated because of the municipal war in libya, where chicken supports the un-endorsed federal government in tripoli while france features formerly supported the renegade general khalifa haftar. paris final thirty days revealed it might deploy naval vessels and fighter aircraft into east mediterranean.