Fox News Settles With Venezuelan Businessman in Election Defamation Lawsuit

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WASHINGTON (Reuters] - Fox News announced on Sunday that it had reached a settlement agreement with Majed Khalil of Venezuela, ending a case for defamation in which Khalil claimed he was falsely accused of conspiring to rig the 2020 U.S. presidential elections against Donald Trump.

Khalil had brought a defamation lawsuit against Lou Dobbs and the news outlet, arguing that they had made false claims that he and other Venezuelans had "orchestrated a non-existent plan to rig the election or fix it."

A brief letter addressed to U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton, Manhattan, on Saturday stated that the parties had reached "confidential agreements to resolve this matter"; and that they expected to file a joint statement of dismissal next Wednesday.

"Both sides have reached an amicable resolution to this matter. Fox News released a statement Sunday saying that they had no further comment.

Reuters was referred to the statement by lawyers for Fox News and Dobbs. Khalil's lawyer didn't respond to a request immediately for comment.

Trump continues to make debunked claims about widespread voter fraud that led to his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden during the 2020 election, even though they have been rejected by judges, state governments, and members of his former administration.

The jury selection process will begin Thursday, ahead of another trial in Dominion Voting Systems Corp’s $1.6 Billion defamation suit against Fox News and Fox Corp for their coverage of debunked claims of election-rigging.