How well do you maintain the headlines this week? take our quiz.texas has actually slammed the brake system on its financial reopening facing a jump in coronavirus cases, halting intends to alleviate lockdown restrictions and banning optional surgeries in its four biggest metropolitan areas to discharge hospital beds.

Your order from greg abbott, the texas governor, could be the clearest sign yet that says in south and western of the us could be obligated to reverse training course just four weeks after offering organizations the green light to resume business. this short-term pause will help our state corral the spread until we could properly go into the next stage of starting our condition for business, mr abbott stated.

Texas had followed one of the most aggressive economic reopening programs in the us, using the majority of businesses including taverns and restaurants permitted to function at 50 % capacity.

On wednesday, the usa suffered its biggest daily increase in brand-new covid-19 cases considering that the start of the pandemic, establishing a devastating new stage associated with the crisis. hospitals across the country are considerably increasing their particular acquisitions of dexamethasone following the cheap common steroid had been discovered to notably slice the odds of covid-19 patients dying.

Heres a review of exactly how americas covid-19 count got therefore out of hand. (ft, the atlantic, nyt)

Wirecard collapses into insolvency in an extraordinary failure of a business when viewed as a european technology champion, wirecard said in a statement thursday it faced impending insolvency and over-indebtedness, following the as soon as high-flying repayments team unveiled a multiyear fraudulence that resulted in thearrest of its previous chief executive. (ft)

Huawei to expend 1bn on uk processor chip facility huawei states it will invest 1bn, more than initially expected, within the after that 5 years to determine a unique processor chip analysis and manufacturing facility near cambridge amid a brutal governmental debate over the use of huaweis gear in britains telecoms systems. (ft)

Asia expands coal plant capacity asia is approving plans for brand new coal power plant capacity at quickest rate since 2015, in a sign that force to stimulate the post-virus economic climate is undermining a transition towards cleaner power sources. (ft)

Fed caps dividends and bans share buybacks by us financial institutions thirty-three financial institutions that underwent anxiety tests are prohibited from buying back their stocks until at the least the fourth one-fourth, the fed announced on thursday along withanalysis showing that covid-19could trigger $700bn of loan losses. financial plan should look at the margins, not merely the aggregate economic climate, writes martin sandbu inside months free lunch newsletter. (ft)

Us supreme court guidelines against asylum seekers in a 7-2 ruling, justices determined that immigrants whose asylum needs had been declined cannot contest the denials in national courtroom. the situation centred on an associate of sri lankas tamil ethnic minority just who said he feared persecution if he had been deported. (nyt)

Ecb seeks to resolve line with german court the european central bank published details of the debate that its governing council held on whether its bond-buying exceedingly impinged on financial and financial plan. policymakers decided that negative complications had so far already been obviously outweighed by the results, mins reveal. (ft)

Asia stands up chinese importsnew delhi is delaying the clearance ofchinese importsa week after 20 of the troops had been killed in a border conflict with peoples liberation army troops. the cargo hold-up at indias harbors and airports features infuriated business teams. (ft)

Masayoshi son measures down from alibaba board the move closes a part in abusiness partnershipthat features underpinned the essential financially rewarding financial investment of this softbank creators career. (ft)

Us democrats to keep digital meeting the democratic party will alter their particular milwaukee presidential nominating convention slated for august 17-20 to a nearly all-virtual experience, celebration officials stated on wednesday. president trumps campaign, meanwhile, is looking to hold an in-person occasion in jacksonville while avoiding a tulsa-style debacle. (ap, politico)

The united kingdom is scrambling to secure a trade package within six weeks with which country? us? japan? australia? take our quiz.

Asean summit vietnam will host the 36th annual asean summit in a digital structure beginning on friday. leaders will discuss the areas post-coronavirus data recovery plans. (free malaysia these days)

Japanese retail sales sundays report is forecast to show 3.6 percent month-on-month growth, but still mirror a 6.8 percent decline year-on-year, as some stores begin witnessing a rise in sales with coronavirus restrictions easing. (trading economics, japan times)

Poland presidential election after a wait because of the pandemic, poland will go into polls on sunday. andrzej duda, the incumbent and candidate associated with the ruling law and justice celebration, is favourite to win. mr duda left a meeting within white house in washington recently without much to show in front of the vote. much more from his go to in brussels briefing. join here. (ft)

A vote which will make china great once again the image associated with us president pleading with president xi jinping for re-election assistance is astonishing but also telling, writes jamil anderlini. it shows mr trump appreciates that beijing would rather crazy united states decrease under their leadership than to deal with a president joe biden. (ft)

How-to spend whenever safe assets dont occur standard thinking around profile construction ended up being upended by the connection with treasuries in covid sell-off. sophie huynh, cross-asset strategist at socit gnrale cib stocks other ways that investors can protect by themselves. (ft)

Pinduoduo defies gravity with investing spree amid the chinese e commerce companys quick ascent, questions continue to be over how it reports its order volumes, its business governance and whether it can move from burning up large sums of money to buying growth for an even more sustainable business structure. (ft)

Disappearing freedoms in hong kong because of the coming implementation of beijings new nationwide protection law, fear abounds about what the siphoning of democratic values will appear like. there are many ramifications of which becoming wary, from jailing reporters to retroactive costs and spiritual limitations. (foreign policy)

Should business lawyers do more on climate threat? virtually 50 % of european in-house attorneys stated they expect their organisation to manage legal dangers as a result of climate modification. however only about 15 percent stated their divisions were well prepared to manage these types of threats. (ft)

Racism is a general public ailment the effect of identified racism on health is serious ultimately causing greater prices of hypertension and diabetes and reduced disease survival prices. but we an unusual opportunity to address a chronic issue, writes the wellesley institutes kwame mckenzie. (ft)

The continuing future of theatre does theatre need to take place in a theater? the trend towards performing in outside and commercial rooms may have found its moment. architects tend to be exploring approaches to enable humans not merely potted placeholders experience in-person activities again. (ft, business insider)

Arms-length supervisors must channel their inner coachmanaging at a distanceraises challenges of interaction, trust, and mental and physical health, writes andrew hill. read the fts working from homespecial report. (ft)

The global battle for a vaccine jeremy farrar, manager for the wellcome trust, talks into ft's vanessa kortekaas towards global race to build up a covid-19 vaccine, how to prevent 'vaccine nationalism' therefore the lessons learned up to now from the pandemic.