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Boris johnson defended putting 99 percent of the united kingdomt into difficult new covid-19 limitations while he warned that a resurgence associated with the virus may lead to a new nationwide lockdown in january.

When we ease off today we chance losing control over the virus yet again, casting aside our hard-won gains and forcing united states back to a fresh year nationwide lockdown, the prime minister said on thursday.

From december 2, manchester, birmingham, newcastle and bristol should be among the list of areas to go into the most limiting tier 3 steps, which in some cases are the closure of pubs, restaurants, museums and theatres, while london and liverpool are into the looser level 2.

Just cornwall, the isle of wight and isles of scilly covering less than 1m individuals are going to be at all restrictive level 1 simply because they have the countrys lowest infection prices.

But individuals will be given carte blanche to blow to five times at xmas with their people in a short-term easing of local constraints.

Rishi sunak, meanwhile, has come under fire for making significantly more than 6m associated with uks poorest families using the danger of a 1,000 cut in their particular yearly earnings equally unemployment is a result of top next year.

The chancellors message on wednesday ended up being stark tax rates would need to increase alongside much more stealthy austerity, writes chris giles. exactly what if mr sunak is incorrect so we not any longer must follow standard benchmarks for federal government funds? (ft)

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Trump to leave upon biden verification donald trump features guaranteed to leave the white house if and when joe biden is confirmed as president the closest he has got arrived at conceding defeat in this months election. (ft)

Exclusive: 3g asks investors to get more time brand new york-based fund 3g capital, which invests alongside warren buffett, is wanting to keep people money for extended as covid-19 uncertainty and sky-high valuations delay its after that megadeal, say men and women briefed within the matter. (ft)

Uk brand-new technology regulator the uk will launch a brand new tech regulator next april to try and hold huge online systems particularly google, facebook and amazon in balance against their particular smaller competitors and enforce a code of conduct. (ft)

Exclusive: facebooks money to launch next year facebooks electronic money libra is defined to start around january, relating to men and women involved in the initiative, in a small structure, in just just one coin backed one-for-one by the buck. other currencies, besides a digital composite of all its coins, would be rolled down at a later time. (ft)

Exclusive: sony pushes for japan green guidelines revamp sony features warned japan it might shift production from the country unless renewable power guidelines are calm, because it tries to meet the green energy guarantees of consumers like apple. (ft)

Turkish courtroom jails hundreds forever a turkish courtroom features sentenced countless military officials, pilots and civilians your imprisonment over a failed 2016 coup against president recep tayyip erdogan. (guardian)

Maritime kidnapping surge the shipping business has sounded the security over a rise in kidnappings at sea, and required better armed forces protection from pirates for vessels running in dangerous waters. definitely organised west african pirate gangs tend to be more and more taking the staff of business ships for ransom in the place of stealing cargo or fuel. (ft)

Black friday the black friday shopping week-end, whenever retailers slash the price of goods to operate a vehicle product sales, begins on friday and it is expected to be among busiest posting times of the entire year. (ft)

Eu business and consumer confidence studies the european commission releases its business and customer confidence studies for november, that will indicate the effect of covid-19 steps. (wsj)

Earnings ted baker posts its results. (ft)

Economic information india releases its third-quarter gdp report. (ft)

Frances illiberal plan to protect police photos of police violence in france are becoming depressingly familiar in recent years, from dismantling a migrant camp and beating occupants to other isolated situations. the ft see usually president emmanuel macron is pandering off to the right with a brand new legislation to protect authorities identification. (ft, guardian)

Ethiopias battle in tigray the tragedy unspooling in ethiopia is a component of a constitutional tug-of-war between those pressing to devolve more expert and people pulling power towards centre, writes david pilling. (ft)

Exactly how sustainability became big business from recycled plastic bank cards to biodegradable footwear, eco-friendly items have swept across consumer markets lately. but their expansion has actually encouraged questions regarding whether sustainability statements are always truthful. (ft)

Japans youth look for security ronin meaning a masterless samurai is definitely found in japan to explain a student or a jobseeker on a pursuit of stability. individuals who have studied the lasting ramifications of the countrys economic stagnation say this has developed an ever growing aversion to risk. check-out ourlessons from japan seriesfor more. (ft)

Line chart of average genuine wages, rebased showing some components of european countries share japan

Diego maradona: also grand to shame it feels incorrect that a 60-year life is indeed frequently condensed to one objective, rich whilst ended up being, within the 1986 world cup, writes janan ganesh. however it is best than recalling diego maradona as a cautionary tale, about popularity, riches and deracination from people home. clashes smashed down as followers bade the argentine footballer farewell. browse maradonas obituary. (ft, ap)

Exactly how covid-19 sparked a culture war in cricket the marylebone cricket clubs introduction of life account, an one-off fee to cover future dues to handle a 30m income shortfall from cancelled matches in the pandemic, has established a split in just one of the recreations oldest organizations involving the rich together with super-rich. (ft)

How the united states will roll-out the covid-19 vaccine the fts washington correspondent kiran stacey explains the logistical challenges associated with dispersing countless vaccine doses, including ultra-cold storage space. (ft)

Banx: diego maradona, the globes greatest footballer, dies at 60