Senior white house officials and congressional democrats traded barbs over donald trumps sudden withdrawal from talks on a new economic relief package, as hopes dwindled for even a limited stimulus deal to help the us recovery.

Democrat nancy pelosi, the house speaker, and steven mnuchin, the us treasury secretary, renewed talks on wednesday morning after mr trump suggested he would be willing to support narrow aid bills, including one for an airline industry beginning massive lay-offs.

But aides to ms pelosi noted that republicans in the house of representatives had opposed an airline rescue bill proposed by democrats last week, adding the speaker told mr mnuchin to review the legislation so they could have a more informed conversation.

The us presidents behaviour since his covid-19 diagnosis has been dangerous and misleading, writes norman ornstein, resident scholar at the american enterprise institute. (ft)

A growing body of research shows mothers and fathers are experiencing the pandemic in very different ways as the crisis reverses progress on workplace equality. follow ourlive coverage here.

Arm expects tough scrutiny in china over nvidia deal chinas chipmakers have urged beijing to probe nvidias proposed acquisition of arm on the basis that it would hand the us company control over essential technology used in many of the worlds smartphones and data centres. separately, the us is reportedly exploring restrictions on ant group and tencent payment systems. (ft, bloomberg)

Hong kongs hearts and mindsbeijing hastightened its gripover hong kongs schools, with hundreds of teachers under investigation for allegedly radicalising pupils and publishers rewriting textbooks to avoid criticism. a study found thatunfavourable views of chinaare at record levels, hitting 81 per cent in australia. (ft, pew)

Missing n korean diplomat is hiding in south jo song gil, who was pyongyangs acting ambassador in rome, has been in south korea since july last year, jeon hae-cheol, a ruling party lawmaker and the head of the national assemblys intelligence committee said on wednesday. its a rare high-level defection from the nuclear-armed state. (ft)

World economic forum drops davos as venue the next davos will not be in davos.the world economic forum, whose base in the swiss alpine ski resort has become shorthand for its annual meetings each january, has chosen two sites on opposite sides of lake lucerne for its 2021 meeting. (ft)

Fed minutes leave wriggle room on interest rate policy federal reserve officials offered few additional clues to investors on the implementation of the central banks new monetary policy guidance, saying it was not an unconditional commitment to keeping interest rates low regardless of economic conditions. (ft)

Us charges two isis beatles over hostage abductions the us has charged two british isis militants accused of abducting american, uk and other foreign nationals in syria, including several who were brutally executed for propaganda videos. (ft)

Se asia to overtake china as top notebook pc producer south-east asia will produce half of the worlds notebook personal computers in 2030, a taiwanese government think-tank predicts, with vietnam and thailand pegged as the main manufacturing hubs. (nar)

Facebook targets qanonfacebook announced that it willremove all qanon pagesahead of the us election, following pressure to clamp down on the pro-trump conspiracy theory.a damning congressional antitrust report accused apple, google and facebook ofabusing their market power. (ft)

Two women share nobel chemistry prize this years nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to emmanuelle charpentier of france and jennifer doudna of the us for their pioneering work in developing the crispr gene editing technique that has transformed biology research. ms doudna joined fts hannah kuchler for a lunch with the ft in january. (ft)

Vp debatevice-president mike pence and democratic vice-presidential nominee kamala harris will go toe-to-toe on wednesday night in their only debate of the are five topics to watch for. to protect themselves from the coronavirus, mr pence and ms harris will stand behind plexiglas dividers, but experts say a $150 air filtration system would be much more effective. (ft, nyt)

Heres where mr trump and joe biden stand in thelatest polls.

How china is setting global tech rulesif the cold war was dominated by the nuclear arms race, the us-china contest will play out overtechnological standards, an overlooked yet crucial struggle for control of 5g and artificial intelligence. read more in ourft series: the new cold war. meanwhile, a cold war-style murder is adding to russian, germany tensions. (ft, bloomberg)

What can we learn from the things we fear the most? seventy-three per cent of people in the world apparently say they feel more vulnerable today than they did five years ago. will this lead investors to take a more conservative stance? we dont yet know, gillian tett writes, but where you live will continue to have a big influence on what worries you most. (ft)

Johnson should fear trump, not bidenany quiet longing in london for a second trump term would be a profound misunderstanding,gideon rachman writes. an emboldened donald trump would adopt a much more coercive foreign policy. meanwhile, trumps faults are more libertarian than authoritarian, janan ganesh says. (ft)

Russias neighbourhood in flames while not directly linked to each other, the crises in kyrgyzstan, armenia and azerbaijan, and belarus all bear the scars left by the collapse of the soviet union, from authoritarianism and threats to electoral freedom to disputed territories and ethnic divisions. (ft)

Frasers citigroup rise boosts all wall street womencitigroupssoon-to-be chief executivejane fraser is not the first foreigner to lead one of the main us banks. the scot is not even the first former mckinsey consultant to make it to the highest echelons of wall street. ms frasers novelty is her gender, writes laura noonan. (ft)

Behind the money italys most powerful organised crime group, the ndrangheta, has infiltrated local hospitals and packaged millions of plundered euros into global investment funds and portfolios. tune into the first episode ofbehind the moneys fourth season for the full story. (ft)

This is a story that is about a dangerous new generation of savvy italian organised criminals, and also about the strains the pandemic is putting on the weaker parts of europes public health system. but it is most importantly a story about modern finance. miles johnson, ft rome correspondent

Six films to watch this week looking for a distraction from the news? check out kajillionaire, saint maud, the boys in the band, the forty-year-old version, the trial of the chicago 7 and on the rocks all reviewed by danny leigh. (ft)

Call for entries: the ft and statista are compiling a list of european companies that have achieved the greatest reduction in emissions intensity. find out whether your company qualifies here.

Will china and the us go to war over taiwan?chinas military now represents a credible threat to the us in the western pacific. ft global china editor james kynge and greater china correspondent kathrin hille discusswhether china could wina war over taiwan. (ft)