Republican senators tried to distance themselves from donald trump following the us presidents aggressive debate performance and his refusal to condemn white supremacists. the live quarrel shocked chinese viewers.

When asked to condemn white supremacists, mr trump instead addressed the proud boys, a far-right group, saying: stand back and stand by. members of the group later posted triumphant messages on social media.

Here are ourfive main takeawaysfrom the ugly and acrimonious debate and afact-checkof some of the candidates claims.the next debate will have new rules to aid more orderly discussion.

Fts janan ganesh notes mr biden stuck to his economic message, but investors wereunimpressed by the debate. trump clearly did not assuage concerns about a contested election, said one asset manager.

As americans prepare to cast postal votes in record numbers the president is sowing doubt overthe system, and his false claim of voter fraud is being used to disenfranchise americans.

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Ey-wirecard whistleblower allegations ey faced a mounting backlash from investors and german politicians after it emerged that one of the accountancy firms own employees flagged potential fraud at wirecard four years before the company collapsed. singapore has shut down wirecards payment operations in the country. (ft)

Renminbi set for best quarter since global financial crisis the currency is set to notch its best quarter since the global crisis, helped by a sell-off in the dollar and bets from traders that the worst of the tit-for-tat tariffs between washington and beijing have passed. (ft)

Germany crackdown set to exclude huawei from 5g rollout an it security bill that angela merkels cabinet plans to pass would stop short of an outright ban on huawei but creates bureaucratic obstacles that could prove insurmountable for the chinese company, according to mps with knowledge of the draft legislation. (ft)

Mike pompeo pressures vatican on china religious freedom the us secretary of state renewed his criticism of chinas record on religious freedoms during an official visit to the vatican.pope francis refused to meet mr pompeo to avoid boosting donald trump. (ft, vox)

Russia and china waging political war, says uk military chief the two nations are using cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns and mass surveillance to wage political warfare on the west, with the goal of breaking its willpower without escalating into formal conflict, the head of britains armed forces warned on wednesday. (ft)

Palantir valued at $17.8bn in stock market debut one of the most anticipated tech flotations of the year traded higher after debuting on the us stock market in direct listings on wednesday. shares in palantir, the data analysis company backed by silicon valley investor peter thiel, advanced 10 per cent above their opening price to $11. (ft)

Amazon to expand presence in singapore the us technology group will take over three floors of citigroups offices in the central business district, according to two people with knowledge of the deal, in the latest sign of the city-states growing appeal as an asian hub for global technology companies. (ft)

Nikola postpones showcase the us-based company has delayed a long-awaited event to showcase its vehicles and battery technology, as the start-up battles a crisis that led to the departure of its founder trevor milton. (ft)

Central banks analysts will be closely watching the meetings in india and the philippines on thursday because the two countries have been hit particularly hard by coronavirus. indias repurchase rate is 4 per cent, while in the philippines the overnight borrowing rate is steady at 2.25 per cent.

H&m earnings the fast-fashion boom over the summer is expected to boost h&m earnings on thursday. the swedish retailer has benefited from an increase in consumer spending, but the next phase of the pandemic could change the retailers outlook if unemployment rises. (ft)

Indian charities battle for survival narendra modis government has tightened restrictions on non-profit organisations, whose $2bn a year in foreign donations are viewed with deep suspicion by new delhi. we are going to lose our voice, our freedom and our ability to speak up and shout out, one charitys executive director said. (ft)

Alex youngers lunch with the ft the outgoing mi6 head tells the fts editor roula khalaf about new global threats and why we still need garage shed spycraft. its hard to miss mr youngers enduring commitment to the slightly boy scout, ingenuity-in-adversity ethic of traditional intelligence. (ft)

Big business is no longer the planets biggest problemto most activists, big business has long been a byword for corporate misdeeds. but many smaller and mid-tier companies have understandable reasons fornot embracing the esg agenda. meanwhile, individuals with capital are doing well through the pandemic, writes gillian tett. the covid-19 recession is the most unequal in modern us history. (ft, wapo)

Supreme court pricks police in japan tattoo saga a seemingly innocuous ruling about body art has momentous implications, writes leo lewis. a legal decision involving tattoo artists reaffirms constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression, the right to pursue happiness and perhaps most critically freedom of occupation. (ft)

Multi-strategy hedge funds show way forwardthe sun has set on the era of brilliant, iconoclastic hedge fund managers that make the huge, bold bets that initially made them famous, writes global finance correspondentrobin wigglesworth. diverse funds are this years big winners. (ft)

Eus golden passport problema burgundy passport marked european union is one of the most desirable documents in the world. but a crackdown on citizenship schemes raises uncomfortable questions about who belongs in the bloc that theeu may prefer not to answer. (economist)

Carlos ghosn offers executive training in lebanona new business programme seeks to bring back trust following decades of corruption and mismanagement. the instructor:carlos ghosn, the former nissan chairman who fled trial in japan. (reuters)

Could rhymes prevent financial crimes?santander, one of the uks biggest high street banks, has enlisted poets pam ayres and suli breaks to lead the fightback against fraud in a social media campaign.claer barrett findsthat they could be surprisingly effective. (ft)

How to put a price on naturethe fts leslie hooktalks to leading economists, business leaders, asset managers and ecologists to redefine the value humanity puts on earths natural more in our special report:investing in nature. (ft)