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Mike pompeo, the united states assistant of condition, has hit out at john bolton, phoning his previous colleague a traitor and accusing donalds trumps ex-national safety adviser of lies in a brand new memoir.

John bolton is dispersing a number of lies, fully-spun half-truths and outright falsehoods, mr pompeo said in regards to the place wherein it happened, mr boltons guide that is scheduled becoming introduced next tuesday.

In a statement headlined i became in area also, mr pompeo said it was both sad and dangerous that john boltons final public role is that of a traitor just who damaged the united states by breaking their sacred trust featuring its individuals.

Mr bolton, a foreign policy hawk just who departed the management on bad terms aided by the president, is slammed by mr trump and his supporters after areas of the book had been posted recently. the president has known as the guy whom served as his national protection agent for 17 months a sick puppy. (ft)

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Supreme court shields dreamers the us supreme legal features obstructed the trump administration from cancelling the deferred action for childhood arrivals programme, which protects 700,000 immigrants from deportation. the white house can be evaluating a significant development of visa restrictions for skilled foreign workers. (ft)

Twitter eliminates trump ads the myspace and facebook stated it had removed posts and marketing and advertising from donald trumps re-election campaign that showcased a nazi symbolization familiar with mark governmental prisoners in concentration camps.(ft)

India-china ties after a vicious himalayan mountainbrawl, senior officials say new delhi will pare right back financial ties with china, trying to nations like the us. satellite images show increased chinese activity prior to the clash. the ft view is that its as much as new delhi and beijing to draw straight back through the verge. (ft, reuters)

Johnson and macron seek deal boris johnson and emmanuel macron agreed to step up efforts for a uk-eu trade bargain amid indications britain could take a compromise and face tariffs if it undercuts european regulations. (ft)

Wirecard share cost failure wirecard stocks crashed another 50 percent in crazy trading on friday, as two of germanys biggest people threatened legal activity over an escalating accounting scandal that renders the future of the when high-flying payments organization in doubt. wirecards future survival has become at stake. browse the fts investigation here. (ft)

Market moves hertz scrambled to secure a $1bn personal bankruptcy loan on thursday after terminating a questionable $500m stock sale that drew securities regulators scrutiny. us food string albertsons is planning a $9.6bn flotation. (ft)

Hong-kong homecomings bankers are pitching homecoming choices to a large number of chinese companies noted on wall street as us-china tensions threaten the ongoing future of shares well worth $1tn. to understand the newest wave of little investors, look to china. (ft, economist)

Bar chart of resources raised from share choices ($bn) showing chinese technology groups

Facebook has established a whatsapp-based electronic repayments solution where nation: russia, israel or brazil? just take our quiz.

Trump in tulsa donald trump is a result of hold a 20,000-person election rally in tulsa, oklahoma on saturday, which was delayed in march. health officials are still worried: attendees have actually waived their particular to sue the campaign when they contract coronavirus. (ft, cnbc)

Juneteenth june 19 commemorates the end of slavery in the us, and has now taken on brand new resonance this year amid protests in response to your authorities killing of george floyd, with numerous businesses following the vacation. (nyt, ft)

Eu recovery investment eu frontrunners satisfy practically on friday to discuss the blocs spending plan and750bn data recovery investment. europes summer of summitry read brussels briefing. (ft)

Prospering into the pandemic in a dismal year for some organizations, a minority have actually shone: pharmaceutical groups hunting for a vaccine; tech leaders buoyed by the working at home trend; and online retailers selling lockdown needs. initial in an ft show examines the organization winners. (ft)

Big technology businesses lead currency markets winners

How the fed came to focus on racial justice when jay powell convened the most up-to-date conference of federal reserve policymakers, their agenda included an unusual product for a main lender the mass protests against racial injustice that observed law enforcement killing of george floyd. (ft)

Moves to limit big tech still just half-formed the summertime of techlash features formally appeared, writes richard waters. the days prior to the solstice have actually reverberated with a drumbeat of investigations and proposals geared towards restricting the effectiveness of big tech. but regulators will need to work harder to formulate a response to digital prominence. (ft)

Opioids inc the pharmaceutical organization insys has come quite a distance from the former condition as a wall street darling. in january, a few of its executives were given jail time for his or her role in the us opioid epidemic plus the bribery of physicians to induce all of them to suggest the companys fentanyl spray. with pbs frontline, the fts hannah kuchler investigated life inside insys, a business found become a flagrant flouter of the guidelines. (ft)

Britains coronavirus errors when it comes to uk, covid-19 has-been a teachable minute: we've learnt which our governmental leaders tend to be inexperienced, our bureaucracy ineffective and our economic climate delicate, martin wolf writes. heres just what nations can, and cant, learn from each other people answers, tim harford writes. (ft)

Post-covid world the pandemic doesn't simply show united states to be mindful it teaches us to prevent regrets, janan ganesh writes. a bias against threat may be the solution to a safer, longer-lived culture, additionally one suffused with late-life remorse. how will coronavirus reshape structure? (ft, brand new yorker)

Soccer groups patch up fraying personal fabriceven as some of argentina's even more cash-strapped clubs battle for survival, numerous arelending their room and their standing as neighborhood hubsto help susceptible communities through the pandemic. at the same time, sam agini and murad ahmedanswered your questionson how the business of football will survive coronavirus. to get more regarding company of sport,subscribeto our weeklyscoreboardnewsletter. (ft)

Making community less racist specific shaming does little to root aside racism. much more effective, simon kuper writes, is systemic racism: the machine of inequality that advantages white folks, wreaking damage mainly from white sight. (ft)

Indias double crises: coronavirus and china gideon rachman talks to pratap bhanu mehta of ashoka university on how the modi federal government is handling the pandemic and indias biggest international policy crisis in years. (ft)