Kamala harris attacked donald trumps coronavirus response in herfirst look as joe bidens vice-presidential operating mate, foreshadowing the former prosecutors strategy in front of novembers election.

There is a reason it's hit the united states even worse than any other advanced level country, said ms harris. for the reason that of trumps failure to go really from the beginning.

Mr biden stated his campaign had raised $26m in itssingle biggest fundraising time on record, since announcing ms harriss historic choice in an indication this lady choice hasenergised the democratic party base. he can take the partys nomination at a virtual convention in a few days.

The senator from ca is in line becoming the maximum amount of vice-president as co-president and viable stand-in, writes janan ganesh. the ft editorial board, meanwhile, argues ms harris presents the democratic party in miniature.

Both hugged the center ground around the time of the millennium. both have migrated leftward. [the woman choice] reflects a society-wide souring on capitalism while the increase of younger activists.

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A hindu holy guy which shared a platform with indian prime minister narendra modi recently features tested good for coronavirus. follow our live protection here.

Column chart of uk real gdp, per cent modification weighed against earlier quarter showing national limitations severely curtailed financial task within the 2nd one-fourth

Goldman estimates for gm credit cards goldman sachs is trying to more than dual its consumer financing business by buying general motors charge card team, which carries loan balances of approximately $3bn, just per year after developing an identical partnership with apple, based on individuals briefed on talks. (ft)

Canada defends oil sands canadas normal sources minister features vigorously defended questionable oil sands tasks as crucial to funding its energy transition. it is impossible we're achieving web zero [by 2050] without alberta, seamus oregan told the ft. (ft)

Doordash faces employment order san franciscos prosecutor has submitted for a preliminary injunction against doordash to make the united states food distribution leader to reclassify employees as workers, times after an equivalent demand was granted against uber and lyft. lyft reported a 61 percent fall in second-quarter revenue. (ft)

Ripple efforts a reset bay area start-up ripple is striking-out in a new direction by wanting to get to be the amazon associated with the cryptocurrency world. the creator associated with xrp cryptocurrency is turning its awareness of remittances, creating on its financial investment in moneygram.(ft)

Exclusive: attorney in ubs situation probed great britain lawyers regulator features delivered a list of issues to caroline stroud, among the countrys most powerful work litigation solicitors and a freshfields partner, over her conduct during a review of ubss maneuvering of an alleged rape. (ft)

Mexicos president claims predecessors should testify in graft case andrs manuel lpez obrador has known as on his two predecessors enrique pea nieto and felipe caldern to testify about alleged corruption throughout their administrations after an experience linked them to illicit schemes. (ft)

Transatlantic tensions woody johnson, united states ambassador into uk, made improper or insensitive responses with regards to faith, intercourse and battle, the division of states inspector-general discovered. ice-cream manufacturer ben & jerrys waded into the english channel migrant crisis, while uk authorities fear illegal firearms through the us tend to be leading to a rise in criminal activity. (ft, nyt)

Belarus protests authorities have actually detained a lot more than 6,000 folks as protests against strongman alexander lukashenkos disputed election success proceeded for a 4th day, undeterred by moving net blackouts. belarus reveals the eus reluctance to confront autocrats, michael peel writes. (ft)

Sumner redstone, media mogul, 1923-2020 among a generation of media titans whom shaped the business of movies and television, sumner redstone, features died elderly 97. he transformed his dads drive-in cinema sequence into a global enjoyment kingdom spanning paramount movie studio, viacom and cbs. our m&a newsletter homework will pay tribute right here. (ft)

United states jobless initial claims for us jobless benefits when it comes to few days that concluded on august 8 are because of on thursday. the other day the amount fell by 249,000 to a seasonally modified 1.2m. (ft)

Profits california-based chipmaker applied materials is searching for a supply sequence rebound to bring back pandemic-hit sales, while nasdaq-listed baiduwill program incomes struck by advertising spending slices. (yahoo)

Mexicorate cut expected mexicos main lender is anticipated to cut its main financing rate when it comes to 10th conference in a row. mexico is amongst the main rising market casualties associated with the coronavirus pandemic after its economic climate contracted 17.3 per cent in the second one-fourth. (ft, reuters)

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Joe bidens campaign of a lifetime should he succeed to your white home, joe biden might have finished the longest marathon in united states political record, edward luce writes. exactly what method of president would he make? novembers competition will undoubtedly be an election to decide americas place in the whole world, philip stephens writes. (ft)

The political tune of tiktokwill the tiktok crowd turn more governmental prior to the 2020 united states presidential battle? they have disrupted a trump rally and spread the ebony life thing message. if everyone can harness this gen z crowd, through tiktok or any other apps, they might wield a robust governmental gun, writes gillian tett. (ft)

Kodaks curious pivot the typical review of condition aid is the fact that governments really should not be in the industry of selecting champions. its even worse once they choose losers, writes andrew edgecliffe-johnson. the reason why did the trump administration elect to assist kodak, the photography pioneer, over more capable pharmaceutical organizations? (ft)

Just how argentina sealed a $65bn package martn guzmn, economic climate minister, and jennifer oneil, a blackrock managing manager, required a creative compromise to restructure $65bn of foreign financial obligation a breakthrough much more striking after an intractable stalemate. (ft)

Can we trust spacs? unique acquisition vehicles, which once had a track record of enabling shady financiers to unload dodgy businesses, are becoming the latest asset class in united states equity markets. but an ft evaluation from 2015 to 2019 programs spacs remain a dicey wager. (ft)

G1585_20x- a scatterplot showing many spac mergers trade underneath the $10 ipo price

Struck tv drama poses questions for business japan hanzawa naoki, a hit crisis featuring a maverick banker, has had japan by storm and left people wondering in the event that program will inspire a national rethink on shareholder capitalism, voting legal rights and ownership in corporate japan, writesleo lewis.(japan occasions, ft)

Performing without childcare numerous parents feel under some pressure to come back on workplace after months of juggling children and profession under lockdown but do not have childcare to support them. for millennials, two times bruised by recessions, going back along with their parents is financially astute. (ft)

Appropriate hackathon since the coronavirus pandemic gathered pace in march, the ft issued a challenge into the worldwide appropriate industry: to get responses to your most pressing appropriate, regulatory and civil culture issues rising through the crisis. here are the outcomes, including a blockchain-based system that enables solicitors and bankers to communicate securely.

Stock marketplace summer college the scarcity of vacation camps come early july features kept many working moms and dads wondering just how to inhabit kids. moira oneill has a solution a five-day business knowledge programme for her children that'll ideally pay dividends. (ft)

Calm regarding court as professional sport resumes, we're learning how the lack of audience energy affects professional athletes. the powerful is most odd in tennis, in which any sound save the sporadic gasp is frowned-upon. just how performed silence become the unwritten rule of the game? (atlas obscura)

The ongoing future of lebanon a surge at beiruts port this month has had into razor-sharp focus decades of corruption and mismanagement by lebanons governmental elite. chloe cornish, the fts middle east correspondent, just who lives and works in beirut, talks about the impact associated with blast with gideon rachman, our primary international matters columnist.