Donald trump defended their handling of coronavirus in the first night of a republican national convention that portrayed his democratic adversary joe biden as a weak frontrunner beholden to socialists who does be smooth on crime.

In another of two pre-recorded videos on monday evening, mr trump blamed asia when it comes to pandemic and said their administration have been fast to react to herpes, with reported the life greater than 177,000 people in america.

If the asia virus invaded our country, we launched the greatest mobilisation of united states culture since world war two, mr trump said.

In videos shot at white house, the president appeared enclosed by a small grouping of crucial workers which he described as heroes, including a nurse, a janitor and postal employees. (ft)

Trump battles purple revolution in vermont push whenever donald trump officially accepted their partys nomination for president on monday, he thanked individuals of new york, saying he had decided to make an unscheduled in-person look at the meeting in charlotte away from value for states voters. (ft)

Club chart of presidential election results in vermont showing by using the exception of obama

In which do mr trump and mr biden stand-in thelatest polls? gideon rachman requires: could trump win? see the following.

The true fake news about covid-19 the thought of a coronavirus infodemicis appealing but it allows politiciansoff the hook, writes siddharth venkataramakrishnan. follow our live coverage here.

Just what was the pandemics effect on parenting and education? join andrew jack and emma jacobs on reddit for a chat on tuesday august 25 at 4pm bst.

Democrats blame us postal main for post delays home democrats accused united states postmaster-general louis dejoy of presiding over an immediate deterioration of united states postal provider that threatens to disrupt businesses, the distribution of important items as well as the november presidential election. (ft)

Tech costs into areas three lossmaking silicon valley businesses accelerated detailing programs on monday as tech stocks have actually climbed to brand-new levels. investors are quietly pouring into insurance coverage, wagering that a wave of pandemic claims will justify hefty cost increases for new guidelines. (ft)

Column chart of annual % change  showing global commercial insurance rates soar

Tests suggest navalny poisoning, say german physicians physicians managing the russian resistance frontrunner said examinations suggested he had been poisoned, verifying allegations made by their aides he ended up being the sufferer of an attack. the way the kremlin held view on navalny. (ft)

Wisconsin authorities shooting the wounding of a black man on sunday features sparked protests and revived requires sweeping law enforcement reform only three months after george floyd had been killed. (ft)

India moves to reduce huawei gear from telecoms network asia is phasing away huawei along with other chinese organizations from the telecoms communities, hitting a blow into the technology giant in another of its primary areas. (ft)

Washington has actually targeted huawei for fifteen years, but just in past times week has it eventually threatened to topple the chinese company, chris nuttall writes in #techft. sign up right here.

Twitter to challenge thai order to prevent royal web page the us social media marketing organization said it can challenge in judge a thai government purchase to block a popular page dedicated to the countrys monarchy in a politically incendiary move as pupil protests collected pace. (ft)

Sterling dealers relaxed on brexit trade dangers money dealers are unperturbed by the prospect of brexit trade talks failing. (ft)

Mclarens petrol your retirement great britain supercar manufacturer will minimize establishing petrol motors within 10 years, centering on hybrids as it plots a long-lasting change towards electric automobiles, leader mike flewitt said. (ft)

Pompeo in uae the united states assistant of state will fulfill officials on tuesday to talk about the israel-uae offer before delivering a questionable republican meeting address from israel. (ft, reuters)

Virgin atlantic relief vote the flight faces a crunch vote in london on tuesday across 1.2bn relief package consented with shareholdersin july, caution so it could go out of cash and enter administration if creditors don't sign off. (ft)

Could trump winnings? democrats have actually centered on the risk of a stolen vote. however they are underplaying a more standard threat, gideon rachman warns: donald trump could win without infidelity. leads like joe bidens were overcome before. absent a celebration system this current year, just what do republicans believe? (ft, politico)

Anxiety abilities unequal rally the lopsided market rally reveals a great deal about man behavior, katie martin writes: consumers will give up their car a long time before relinquishing their particular phone. dividend people worry becoming caught out-by deflation, despite having customer prices increasing. tommy stubbington explains. (ft)the danger of china-us military conflict is large the relationship between china in addition to united states is within freefall. this is certainly dangerous, writes zhou bo. (ft)

Covid-19 strips the past spontaneity away from an exhausted political dramawhen delegates during the 1888 democratic national convention collected to throw their particular help behind their option for next president in st louis, missouri, the nominee ended up being nowhere can be found, writes courtney weaver. heavens i experienced forgotten exactly about it, grover cleveland purportedly stated whenever a telegram appeared informing him of their partys recommendation. (ft)

Wirecards frantic finalemarkus braun, wirecards chief executive, had hired mckinsey & co to prepare project panther, his most audacious concept yet: a takeover of deutsche bank. it would are a crowning achievement and a miraculous exit from wirecards massive fraudulence. but six months later on, the curtain dropped. (ft)

Shenzhens increase in chinas leading tech hub, rates of second hand domestic buildings have increased 78 % since 2015, over just about any big chinese city. new directories on shenzhens tech-focused chinext index have surged following the introduction of rules getting rid of cost limitations. (ft)

The major brief 2.0 before the pandemic, investor carl icahn profited handsomely on a wager against malls. the covid-19 crisis features only increased his gains at price of stores discomfort. but wall street really loves a gamble that pays off. (nyt)

Black artists demand modification museums, dealers and auction homes are dealing with needs for redress over barriers having excluded todays black musicians and artists also to right the wrongs experienced by past generations. (ft)

Tiktok and wechat on us-china tech war front range washington bureau chief demetri sevastopulo and worldwide asia editor james kynge discuss why donald trump has actually banned some chinese social networking applications. (ft)