How well did you match the news this week? take our test. joe biden accepted the democratic presidential nomination on thursday evening with a pledge to bring back the soul of america and remove the darkness which had descended regarding the nation under donald trumps management.

Standing in front of a phalanx of us flags in an empty hall in his house condition of delaware, mr biden lambasted mr trump over his handling associated with the pandemic, their a reaction to racism along with his willingness to embrace dictators overseas while undermining democracy home.

Mr biden, whom at 77 would be the oldest us president in history if elected, closed their partys convention with a powerful address that undercut the trump promotions characterisation of him as tired joe or slow joe some body too-old and doddery to guide the nation.

The current president has actually cloaked america in darkness for much too long. too-much fury. excessively anxiety. excessively division, mr biden stated. if you entrust me with all the presidency, i'll draw on the most useful people, perhaps not the worst. i'll be an ally for the light, not for the darkness.

There was in fact rumblings that joe biden ended up being lacking a style, edward luce writes. develop right back better summarised his post-covid programs nonetheless it lacked binary punch. light versus darkness more than meets that test. (ft)

Heres how mr biden and mr trump are faring in most recent polls.

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United states gun and ammo product sales rise ahead of election interest in firearms and ammunition is accelerating in the usa ahead of novembers election, driven by consumer issues about protests and municipal unrest and also by people in the us seeing hunting as a socially distanced leisure goal during a pandemic.(ft)

Steve bannon charged with fraudulence the former trump management agent was faced with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors in a crowdfunding campaign for a us-mexico edge wall surface. a federal judge ruled that mr trump cannot stop a subpoena for their taxation statements. (ft, reuters)

Ride-sharing reprieve uber and lyft will stay operating as gig economic climate businesses in california after a judge pressed straight back a due date to reclassify drivers as employees. individually, ubers former protection main was charged with obstruction of justice over an alleged hacking cover-up. (ft)

Iran sanctions pushback united states allies rebuked washingtons effort to reimpose sanctions on iran waived by the 2015 atomic package, exacerbating a rift when you look at the un safety council over tehrans atomic aspirations. (ft)

Alexei navalnys aides say doctors refuse to allow him keep russia health practitioners in siberia are refusing to allow the russian resistance frontrunner be relocated to a hospital in germany despite discovering he had been poisoned in siberia with a dangerous toxin, their aides said on friday. poisoning fits design of behavior in vladimir putins russia. (ft)

Huawei workers fear united states backlash team in the chinese team are more and more focused on lay-offs following the united states launched tougher sanctions that experts labeled as a death sentence. beijing verified united states trade price talks will likely be held into the following times. (ft, bloomberg)

Belarus launches opposition probe prosecutors have exposed an investigation into a council of opposition frontrunners as strongman alexander lukashenko targets striking workers in state-owned factories. ben hall describes whats behind the unrest. (ft)

Amazon, alphabet, apple, microsoft and twitter now account fully for in what portion of the s&p 500? just take our test.

Us postal testimony louis dejoy, a trump donor appointed postmaster-general this year, is placed to testify before a senate committee on friday on controversial cutbacks that democrats alleged had been an endeavor to sabotage novembers election. (ft)

A global after trump a joe biden triumph in november could possibly restore rules-based globalisation due to the fact default mode of worldwide economic relationship, writes martin sandbu. but it would look completely different through the globalisation regarding the 1990s. (ft)

Robinhood upstarts two former roommates built a price reduction brokerage respected at $11.2bn to aid the everyman become a retail trader. their particular pitch has caught on: 3m joined up with in the 1st quarter alone. but does robinhood make it also very easy to trade encouraging bigger dangers? (ft, wsj)

Ft view: russias dark culture of political violence definitely in no other self-avowed democracy has been an opponent of governing regime therefore mortally dangerous as with vladimir putins russia. alexei navalny, in a coma after a suspected poisoning, joins a sickening roll-call of the that have finished up lifeless or fighting for his or her lives. study our meal with mr navalny, during which he was used. (ft)

Tiktok sale saga may play into facebooks arms american young adults distraught at idea of losing accessibility tiktok have spent yesteryear couple of weeks with the video-sharing application to plead their instance, writes elaine moore. this becoming tiktok, house of chaotic parodies and memes, all of them are a send-up. it is no use. the united states nonetheless fears the apps chinese parent companyposes a threat to nationwide security.(ft)

Performed capitalism really reset? stakeholder capitalism guaranteed to redefine corporate commitments. but annually on, business frontrunners tend to be struggling to prove that a great deal has changed. united states organizations tend to be awarding executives multimillion-dollar retention incentives ahead of bankruptcies. (ft)

Bar chart showing per cent of company roundtable members which supplied numerous kinds of assistance during pandemic in contrast to other russell 1000 businesses

Governing by algorithm the uks exam algoshambles has actually a tutorial, tim harford writes: infatuation with algorithmic wonders isn't brand new, however it should not be the foundation for life-changing choices. over-enthusiasm for scientific administration is weakening britains community sector. (ft, economist)

In search of shangri-la in a lost himalayan kingdom as a significant brand new reputation for the location is posted, its writer recounts a journey to a forgotten clifftop citadel. (ft)

Superslim joins the battle against covid-19 mexico is locked in fight with a low profile adversary, whoever menace is sweeping the world. spiderman, superman, batman and also the avengers tend to be nowhere to be found. but one homegrown hero has stepped out from the shadows to battle: superslim. (ft)

When party gets dangerous a week ago, iranian musician mehdi rajabian had been arrested for promoting feminine vocalists and performers. today circulated on bail and waiting for test, their plight highlights the chance to independent musicians and artists, especially ladies while the men who assist them to. (ft)

Tales of vacation a eurostar journey from london and straight back reveals just how europe is going back to one thing approaching regular. airports remain empty but they are packed with possible; should cities privatise them? the pandemic has generated an unfamiliar us condition symbol: an extra passport. (politico, atlantic, nyt)

Hong kongs finance sector is now much more chinese the developing prominence of chinese finance companies things into increasing mainlandisation of hong kongs finance industry. asia areas correspondent hudson lockett reports. (ft)