Former first woman michelle obama pronounced donald trump unfit when it comes to us presidency in an impassioned address at democratic nationwide convention on monday evening while the party experimented with provide an easy base of support for joe bidens candidacy.

Mrs obama accused mr trump of an overall total insufficient empathy and said their management had spread chaos and unit at the same time when people in the us were hoping to find leadership and consolation throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald trump could be the wrong president for our nation, mrs obama stated in a pre-recorded speech.

Two-thirds of us citizens worry it's going to be unsafe to send kids returning to college this present year, according to a fresh poll for financial occasions that revealed deepening pessimism towards length of the coronavirus pandemic in america. (ft)

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Resurgence in covid-19 fatalities nearing mid-april top. streamgraph and stacked line charts, showing local day-to-day deaths of clients identified as having coronavirus

Oracle comes into tiktok fray larry ellisons oracle has entered the competition to obtain tiktok, the chinese-owned short video software also tried by microsoft. (ft)

Asia chipmaker shares plunge after huawei death sentencebillions of dollars in market worth had been lopped off asias indexed chipmakers following the us revealed new sanctions on huawei, which analyst billed a demise phrase for chinese telecoms group. (ft)

Spying cost a former cia officer had been arrested in a sting operation and faced with spying for asia for more than ten years. if found guilty, alexander yuk ching ma, 67, faces life in jail. us intelligence stated iran provided bounties on united states soldiers to taliban fighters in afghanistan. (ft, cnn)

Us postoffice chief to testify as mail-in ballot outcry develops louis dejoy will show up before a residence committee a few weeks amid an outcry over a stark us postal provider caution that mail-in ballots may not get to time for you to be counted into the november election. (ft)

A-levels restored englands students could have exam outcomes reverted to educators estimates after the government abandoned a contentious algorithm that modified straight down marks. but training frontrunners warned the climbdown would produce issues for decades in the future. just how boris johnson flunked the test. (ft)

Chart showing exactly how different a-level subjects had been susceptible to different marking methodologies. above 50per cent of therapy and math schools were susceptible to ofqual algorithm, whereas subjects like german were much more likely ot have actually educators

Epic apple battle game developers fear getting security damage after apple threatened to revoke fortnite-maker epic games capability to update its online game engine used by tens of thousands of designers and millions of people. (ft)

Softbanks spree japan financial investment team has purchased into united states technology businesses, building a $1bn share in amazon as well as holdings in alphabet, tesla and netflix. a fresh equity raising introduced retail trading app robinhoods valuation to above $11bn. (nar, ft)

European drought july had been the driest in france since 1959 as continental european countries experienced a drought for third 12 months in a row, increasing concerns of serious economic consequences. the trump management will allowoil drilling in environmentally painful and sensitive regions of the arctic previously ruled off-limits. (ft)

European drought contributes to france implementing liquid limitations

Profits walmart is forecast to create a product sales increase on tuesday, when residence depot and kohls additionally report.

Ethiopia dam negotiations egypt, ethiopia and sudan can have proposals on management of a questionable nile hydroelectric dam on tuesday. (aj, ft, wsj)

How sanders along with his followers made serenity with team bidenwhen joe biden clinched the democratic presidential nomination in april, one of his very first tasks would be to broker a truce with rival candidate bernie sanders along with his followers, writes lauren fedor. as democratic partys mainly digital meeting kicked off recently, the biden-sanders comfort offer appeared to be intact. (ft)

Meet the new tenant simon property group, among americas biggest plaza landlords, is also a considerable tenant, under unconventional deals for brooks brothers and lucky brand. (ft)

Us-china decoupling recently begun decoupling has recently spread from technology to finance, and will affect every big industry from manufacturing to consumer products as strategic rivalry displaces business reasoning, gideon rachman writes. (ft)

Buffetts tin hat it's somewhat alarming to locate warren buffett making equivalent trades as everybody else, robert armstrong writes. the oracle of omaha built their reputation on working into monetary burning up buildings. why is berkshire hathaway selling off lender shares and wagering on silver? (ft, wsj)

Belarus president booed the visit to the minsk wheel tractor plant was meant to be an opportunity for belaruss authoritarian president alexander lukashenko to show he however had some popular assistance, despite the protests which have rocked the country. it performed exactly the other. heres a free account of two days in detention in belarus. tony barber writes that the protests tend to be neither anti-russian nor pro-western, but remember the revolutions of 1989. (ft, bf)

Chinas two-speed data recovery while chinas wealthy have emerged mainly unscathed economically through the pandemic, a lack of targeted federal government support features kept lower income homes struggling and struggling to spend. (ft)

Chart showing how many jobless benefits recipients in china, people(m)

Bidens little green corvette joe biden wants to end up being the greenest president in us history. he in addition is the owner of a gas-guzzling 1967 corvette stingray a wedding present from his parent, and one worth examining for oil dealers fearing a biden presidency, david sheppard writes. (ft)

Tips boost staff members spirits a deceptively simple task, pinpointing your companys priority, can offer reliefin an occasion of uncertainty. elaine moore asks why technology businesses cant close the diversity gap, while surge capacity may clarify the reason why some of us tend to be struggling much more now compared to march. (qz, ft, elemental)

Andrew hill and ft visitors on monday discussed a company publications, past, current and future. here you will find the features.

Ft weekend festivalchina is flexing its muscle tissue from hong-kong towards himalayas. at this years electronic ft weekend festival (september 3-5) the fts chief business economics commentator martin wolf and a panel of speakers ask: has beijing given up on the west and how should it respond? book here

What moved incorrect with all the uks a-level algorithm? chris giles examines if the algorithm had been reasonable and who had been most impacted by changed exam results. (ft)