Electroneum (ETN) Price Tops $0.0024

$1.95 million worth of Electroneum was traded on exchanges in the last day. One Electroneum coin can now be purchased for about $0.0068 or 0.00000144 BTC on major exchanges. Electroneum traded higher against the dollar, with a total market capitalization of $42.52 million. Approximately $1.95 mil

The dollar traded 1.8% higher during the 24 hour period ending at 0:00 am E.T. On May 3rd. Electroneum's total market cap is $42.52million and in the past 24 hours, approximately $1.10million worth of Electroneum were traded. On popular exchanges, one Electroneum coin is now available for $0.0024 (or 0.00000008 BTC). Electroneum's value against the dollar has fallen 12.8% in the last seven days.

The performance of similar cryptocurrencies in the past 24 hours is shown below:

The Pax Dollar (USDP), which is a digital currency, has traded up by 0.2% in relation to the dollar. It now trades for $1.00 or 0.00003446 BTC.

IOTA (MIOTA), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded up by 2.5% in relation to the dollar. It now trades for $0.20 or 0.00000685 BTC.

The Transfer Token (TTT), which is a digital currency, traded at $0.15 per BTC or 2.2% less than the dollar.

Creditcoin (CTC), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded at $0.34 per BTC or 16% less than the dollar.

Verasity (VRA), which is currently trading at $0.0055, or 0.00000019 Bitcoins, has gained 0.5% in value against the dollar.

Meter Governance (MTRG), which trades for $2.87, or 0.00009884 BTC, has fallen 1.9% in value against the dollar.

SOLVE (SOLVE), which is currently trading at $0.0322, or 0.00000111 BTC, has traded 1.5% higher in relation to the dollar.

Hashing is a hashing algorithm. The first trade was made on 14th September 2017. The total supply of Electroneum is 17,945,072,290 coin. Here is a link to the article

CryptoCompare states that 'Electroneum offers an instant payment platform based on mobile phones. The project, which was launched in September 2017, is the first U.K. cryptocurrency to be launched after a successful $40 million ICO.

Electroneum aims to offer the fastest and safest crypto transactions with the lowest fees possible for the unbanked world population. This is approximately a billion people.

Electroneum's wallet manager was launched in December 2017 as part of its mission to provide individuals who only have smartphones with a simple and cheap way to spend their money anywhere on the planet.

Electroneum released the first Android mobile "mining" application in March 2018. Users could use the processors on their devices to mine ETN. It was granted a patent in April 2018 for instant crypto transactions.

Electroneum Coin Trading

It is not usually possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies like Electroneum using US dollars. Investors who want to purchase Electroneum first need to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on an exchange dealing in US Dollars such as Changelly Gemini GDAX. MarketBeat.com’s FREE CryptoBeat Newsletter