Incumbent andrzej duda features a narrow lead over their challenger rafal trzaskowski in polands hotly-contested presidential election, based on a late poll on sunday evening.

The poll, which integrates exit poll information with limited very early results, place mr duda, supported by the conservative-nationalist ruling law and justice celebration, on course for 50.8 per cent. mr trzaskowski, from the centre-right opposition party civic coalition, was heading for 49.2 per cent.

But the polls margin of error was two portion points, which means that the effect continues to be also near phone. an earlier exit poll had given mr duda a somewhat smaller advantage of 50.4 percent to 49.6 %. results tend to be because of on monday or tuesday.

Both edges of polands partisan divide have actually cast sundays election as a hand when you look at the road for eu's fifth-biggest member condition, which is deeply divided between its traditional small towns and country side, and its more liberal big towns and cities, such warsaw, lodz and wroclaw.

A winnings for mr duda, a 48-year-old social conservative just who easily won the initial round for the election fourteen days ago, would maintain law and justices hold on energy at the very least until parliamentary elections in 2023, and invite the party to continue a judicial overhaul that has sparked bitter clashes between warsaw and brussels.

Victory for mr trzaskowski, the 48-year-old gran of warsaw whom formerly served as europe minister within the centre-right government of donald tusk, will give the opposition control over the presidencys veto abilities, and invite it to act as a check on the governing celebration.

Turnout had been forecast becoming nearly 70 per cent, which would be the greatest figure on record.

The election campaign, waged over nearly half a year after the coronavirus pandemic pushed the vote becoming postponed from its initial time in-may, is now a sour struggle between two clashing visions of polish identity.

Mr duda began the campaign touting big infrastructure projects prepared legally and justice, and positioning himself as a guarantor associated with partys ample welfare programs, which have considerably enhanced the everyday lives of many poorer polish people.

But while the race has actually narrowed, he's more and more additionally sought to mobilise assistance by casting himself as a bulwark against foreign threats to polands traditional catholic values.

At a rally final month, he branded the lgbt liberties motion an ideology much more destructive than communism. the other day, he accused german-owned news of trying to interfere when you look at the election. state media, which includes relentlessly backed mr duda, in addition has utilized the highly recharged concern of jewish home restitution to mobilise against mr trzaskowski.

Mr dudas rhetoric features resonated with several conventional poles. this is a civilisational election, between our catholic christian civilisation and neo-paganism, stated ewa, a mathematician from targowek, a district in north-east warsaw whom voted for mr duda. trzaskowski represents the latter. as [mayor of warsaw], he formally supported...the pride parade. its clear what type of guy he could be.

Mr trzaskowski features looked for to parry mr dudas attacks by mainly preventing the topic of lgbt liberties, and guaranteeing to not abandon law and justices popular welfare programmes.

As an alternative, he has got promised small investments just about to happen from ordinary poles. he has got in addition pledged to try and repair polands frayed relations because of the eu, and attacked mr duda for neglecting to endure law and justice, a criticism that echoes with many liberal voters.

This is basically the key election since 1989, stated sebastian, a pharmaceuticals worker just who backed mr trzaskowski. i look from perspective of my kids, so they dont get overseas to eu countries but become ashamed to be polish. if current president wins, we shall go 20 years straight back. we are closer to belarus rather than western nations.

Mr duda began the election campaign in february as favourite, and when the pandemic hit-in the spring, his help quickly soared towards 60 per cent.

However, following the election was postponed from its original time of might 10, civic coalition replaced its struggling candidate, malgorzata kidawa blonska, with mr trzaskowski, and race then narrowly greatly.

Opinion studies within the last few days have actually suggested that either mr duda or mr trzaskowski could win, utilizing the distinction between all of them within the polls margin of error.