Driver of SUV that crashed into a Massachusetts Apple store accelerated to 60 mph before deadly crash, prosecutor says

The man accused of driving an SUV into a Hingham, Massachusetts, Apple store last year is now facing more than two dozen additional charges, including second-degree murder.

Driver of SUV that crashed into a Massachusetts Apple store accelerated to 60 mph before deadly crash, prosecutor says


The man who is accused of driving a SUV into an Apple store in Hingham, Massachusetts last year, killing one person, and injuring 22, now faces over two dozen more charges, including murder. Prosecutors say that there was no sign the brakes had been applied prior to the fatal crash.

In court, Plymouth County Assistant district attorney David Cutshall stated that Bradley Rein, 53 years old, had driven up on a sidewalk and crashed through a glass door of the store, then went across the floor, slammed against a wall at the rear, and struck and killed a 65 year-old construction worker.

Rein was arrested immediately after the crash in the Derby Street Shops mall outdoor and pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless motor vehicle homicide. A grand jury indicted him on a number of charges late last month for murder in the 2nd degree and motor vehicle driving homicide.

According to the Plymouth County district attorney's office, Rein was also charged with 18 counts of aggravated battery and assault with a deadly weapon, four counts assault and battery, and reckless operation of a vehicle.

Rein has pleaded not guilt to the new charges at court on Monday.

Cutshall reported that Rein, who according to prosecutors had neither alcohol nor drugs in his system when the accident occurred, told police that his right foot was stuck on the pedal while he pressed the brake with the other foot. However, despite his efforts he could not stop the vehicle from hitting the store.

The prosecutor claimed that electronic data from the SUV revealed that in the five second period leading up to the accident, Rein's car had accelerated to 60 miles per hour.

Cutshall testified to the court that there was no sign of brake application in those five seconds.

Cutshall noted that a police report on the collision analysis and reconstruction has not been completed.

The vehicle had not been thoroughly examined, according to the defense attorney for Rein.

This was an accident. Joan Fund, a defense attorney told CNN that there was no intention. I am surprised by the charge of second-degree murder. The accident reconstruction report is not complete, the vehicle was not fully examined because of the damage, and there are contradictory data recordings. I am looking forward to litigating in court.

The Hingham Fire Chief described first responders as finding people "pinned against the wall" by the vehicle.

Cutshall stated that the majority of those injured were in serious condition and taken to local hospitals. Kevin Bradley, a New Jersey man, was the victim of this crash.

'Obviously at this point there are allegations of intentional conduct, so that's an issue we'll need to address,' Plymouth County district attorney Timothy Cruz told CNN affiliate WCVB. We will ensure that justice is served for Mr. Bradley and for the many people whose lives have been forever changed.

Rein, who had previously posted $100,000 bail, will now be fitted with GPS tracking devices and ordered to surrender passport. According to the district prosecutor's office, he was also told not to leave the State without permission and that he could not possess weapons or drive a vehicle.

The next scheduled court date is June 21, 2019.