Double-sized South Beach condo sold for $17M

The combined unit has five bedrooms, which is perfect for a family.

Double-sized South Beach condo sold for $17M

Two condos located in the Continuum South Beach were sold for a total of $16,89 million.

In the larger deal, JR Glen Rock (a New Jersey-based company managed by Joseph L. Russell Jr.) sold the 2,508 square-foot Unit 3504 at 100 S. Pointe Dr. in Coral Gables for $10.14million to Continuum3504-3505 S LLC. The company listed Scrawk International, as its managing member. Michael J. Freeman, an attorney from Coral Gables, is the company's registered agent.

Condo last sold for $5.25 Million in 2013.

The same buyer also purchased Continuum 3505, which is managed by Russell and has a 1,870-square foot Unit 3505 within the building for $6.75 Million. The last time it sold was in 2016 for $2.73million.

The off-market prices were $3,857 a square foot. The condo is a double-sized unit with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also has two half-bathrooms.

The Continuum South Beach, built in 2003, has 12 acres with resort-style amenities. These include a four-story spa and gym, three tennis court, two pools and a restaurant. Recently, the amenities have been renovated.

In recent years, Miami-Dade County has seen an increase in the value of luxury condos located on the beach. This is due to the influx of residents from states with high taxes.