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Stocks: The real-time U.S. stocks quotes are based on trades reported by Nasdaq. Comprehensive quotes and volumes reflect all trading and are delayed 15 minutes. International stock quotes may be delayed according to exchange requirements. FactSet provides fundamental company data, analyst estimates and other information. Copyright LINK all rights reserved. Source: FactSet

Indexes may be delayed or real-time depending on the exchange's requirements. Refer to the time stamp for any delays. Source: FactSet

Markets Diary - Data on the U.S. Overview Page represent trading and updates in all U.S. market up to 8 p.m.

Closing Diaries

Table for closing data at 4 p.m. FactSet and Dow Jones

Stock Movers: The tables of gainers, decliners, and most actives are a combination NYSE, Nasdaq American, and NYSE Arca listings. Sources: FactSet and Dow Jones

ETF Movers: ETFs and ETNs that have a volume of at least $50,000. FactSet and Dow Jones

Bonds: Bond prices are updated in real time. Sources: FactSet, Tullett Prebon

Currency: The currency quotes are updated live. Sources: FactSet, Tullett Prebon

Commodities & Futures : Futures prices must be delayed by at least 10 mins to meet exchange requirements. The difference between the previous day's settlement and the open outcry settlement is used to calculate the change value between these two dates. The difference between the previous day's settle and the last trade is used to calculate change value for other periods. Source: FactSet

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Quotes for cryptocurrency are updated in real time. Sources: CoinDesk for Bitcoin, Kraken for all other cryptocurrencies

After economic reports, 'actual' numbers are added. Source: Kantar Media