The colombian federal government is under some pressure to scrap one of its more eye-catching economic guidelines after it prompted consumers to flout personal distancing guidelines in their dash to get garments, tvs and other consumer items.

Th federal government had declared friday a vat-free day. for 24 hours, value-added income tax, which in colombia is set at 19 per cent, had been suspended on all retail product sales.

After months in lockdown, colombians flocked to shopping centres to pick up deals. there were lengthy queues outside some shops and social networking had been inundated with pictures of men and women jostling to enter shops and hauling away tvs alongside customer treats. most was wearing masks in numerous situations social distancing was non-existent.

The gran of bogot, claudia lpez, dubbed your day covid friday.

President ivn duque proposed the vat measure later a year ago and congress accepted it. but that was before coronavirus.

As the infection spread throughout latin america from march onwards, some experts urged mr duque to abandon or at the least postpone the program.

The federal government pressed forward and stated that economically at the least friday ended up being successful. trade minister jos manuel restrepo stated 73,000 outlets launched, with crowding at only 85 of these. he stated product sales across colombia have been 5 times greater than in the corresponding day just last year.

Numerous buyers opted to purchase on the web. mr restrepo stated on line sales had been 18 times greater than on a normal shopping day, while acknowledging some websites had struggled to deal with need.

Mr duque said we observed social distancing although he acknowledged there was in fact crowds of people and condition at some outlets. he stated in some cases resident behavior wasn't adequate and vowed to learn from classes associated with the day.

For the present time, and despite coronavirus, the federal government plans two even more vat-free days on july 3 and july 19, although ms lpez urged the president to backtrack and reduce measure to online shopping only.

Leftwing senator gustavo bolvar accused the president of effectively pressing people towards committing suicide by enticing all of them to shop in the middle of a pandemic and stated the consequences will be noticed in 20 times time with a spike in coronavirus numbers.

The figures are usually rising dramatically in colombia which until now has actually escaped the worst of coronavirus in latin the united states.

It features reported over 60,000 situations and 2,000 deaths reduced numbers per capita compared to its neighbours brazil, peru and ecuador.

But on both thursday and friday, the number of confirmed brand new situations topped 3,000. previously, the record for starters day was in fact fewer than 2,200. epidemiologists state that as the outbreak appears to have peaked in places like ecuador, in colombia the worst might however in the future.

The rightwing government states the vat-free days tend to be a great way to stimulate an economic climate that contracted 20 percent year-on-year in april when you look at the wake of the virus plus the lockdown.

On social media many people ridiculed those who risked their own health by rushing off to search for non-essential items amid the pandemic.

You cant take that 50-inch-screen smart tv in to the intensive treatment ward to you, one observernotedon twitter.