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Now for an ending. This week Jeff Bezos draws to a close his tenure as chief executive of Amazon — he’s not going far, just taking the executive chair role. Andy Jassy, the ecommerce giant’s cloud-computing boss, will net $214m in Amazon stock when he takes over the chief executive role at the $1.7tn company on the anniversary of Amazon’s founding on Monday. You can read the Financial Times analysis of the Bezos legacy and how the company might operate without him at the helm here.

This week will also see the end of European sporting seasons with the finals of the long delayed Euro 2020 tournament to be played on Sunday July 11 at London’s Wembley Stadium — Covid-19 restrictions willing. Across town, on the same day, Wimbledon hosts the conclusion of the increasingly young, according to FT analysis, men’s singles tennis contest. In the US, for basketball fans, we have the start of the — again delayed — NBA Finals. Sign up to Scoreboard for a weekly round-up by FT writers of the business of sport.

We will learn how the food retailers are adapting to pandemic shopping trends this week. There are half-year results from British online grocery business Ocado — perhaps announcing an overseas expansion of its retail operations. It is hard to overstate the benefit the pandemic has brought to online delivery. Having for many years had to justify itself against those sceptical about widespread adoption of online grocery shopping, Ocado’s boss Tim Steiner now finds himself defending the Ocado model against even more rapid delivery services, such as Getir, GoPuff and Gorillas, which have become the darlings of investors.

The supermarket chain J Sainsbury will give a first-quarter trading update on Tuesday, then holds its annual meeting on Friday. Sainsbury’s, like other primarily bricks-and-mortar retailers, has been focused on improving its online offering. Chief executive Simon Roberts has described the accelerated adoption of ecommerce during the pandemic as “one of the most significant things to happen to the industry for the past 20 years”.

The state of the global recovery from Covid-19 will be outlined by the OECD on Wednesday, perhaps with another upgrade to growth forecasts as the vaccine rollout gathers pace. The biggest concern is for developing countries, which have yet to feel the full economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Agustín Carstens, general manager of the Bank for International Settlements, has warned that the worst is yet to come for these nations.

The UK’s housing market has been resilient during the pandemic, thanks in no small part to the stamp duty holiday, introduced last July. This week the Halifax updates its monthly house price data, which might give an indication of how prices will move now that the government is withdrawing the tax break.

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